Mercy B out with ‘Fall in love with his vision, not his wallet’

Fall in love with his vision not his wallet is an Inspirational Christian book written by Mercy Balogun popularly known as Mercy B.
Using her story as a background, Mercy B lays out the best biblical principles of finding the right partner and discuses what men and women wants. She also highlights key elements for those who desire to enter into lasting relationship.
The book which is fast becoming the hottest cake in Christendom and a must read for both singles and married. According to the author,
“When you are planning to enter a higher institution of learning, you must study hard, make research so that you can achieve your dream, so is marriage, you need to make adequate preparations, that is why I wrote ” fall in love with his vision and not his wallet” it is a compendium of knowledge for those who are single and married. With practical steps on red alerts to watch out for as a married person, signs to look out for as a single seeking the right partner.
Mercy B has thirty- years experience in marriage, her blog mercyb.co.uk has become a toast of many who gets daily inspirations from it.

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