Mike Dada recaps AFRIMA 2015 success and challenges

‘The show gulped about $4 million’

THE All Africa Music Awards, may have come and gone, but the spectacular show is still being talked about in many quarters.

Held on November 15, 2015, at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, the evening crowned the finest African artistes and celebrated African music as it should.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the President and Executive Producer of the awards show, Michael Dada and he revealed what went into staging the awards.


How does it feel successfully staging AFRIMA?

I feel accomplished, putting heads together with my colleagues who sacrificed their time and energy to make AFRIMA a success.  I feel great.

Are you satisfied with the outcome especially the winners?

I am satisfied with the outcome of AFRIMA and I am satisfied with the winners.  We ensured we picked the transparent persons.

What were the challenges staging this year’s edition?

Challenge is part of life.  The ability to overcome the challenge is what makes you strong.  The challenge was finance.  Hosting this kind of event required about $4 million.  The production costs a lot of money, we also had challenge in barrier of language because we were operating intercontinentally.  At the end of it all, we are ready to overcome the challenges.

Was this year’s edition an improvement on last year’s?

We had a bigger venue and more participants.  It is those who participated that can talk about the improvement they noticed.

What goes into staging an awards show as grand as AFRIMA?

A lot of things went into it.  First, planning.  Planning is the key.  We had to plan early enough because we had people from different parts of the world and we have to reach out to partner’s in and outside Nigeria.

Give us an estimate, how much was splashed on the event?

Just imagine what it will cost hosting over 580 people.   We provided feeding and accommodation. It was about $4 million.

In what way is AFRIMA different from the handful of award shows in Nigeria?

AFRIMA is not different but unique.  We want people to come on board.  We believe AFRIMA is unique.  We want to use our platform to celebrate the talent of Africa, and to use the platform to change the perception of Africa.  Whenever people hear Africa, we want them to see Africa for good.  We want to change the story of Africa.

Where do you see AFRIMA in years to come?

I see the 100th edition of AFRIMA.  AFRIMA will be an event that would be seen in the whole world.

What is the drive behind the awards?

The drive is to see a new Africa, that will be respected globally, to contribute to the growth and development of this beautiful country.  I think we are on the right track.


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