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‘Miss Nigeria will be a global event by next year’ – Fidelis Anosike, Organiser

How does it feel organising the 39th edition of Miss Nigeria today?

It feels good. What we have done is taking the pageant back to the people. From now on, it would be easy. Everybody has a unity of purpose to recreate Miss Nigeria brand. You saw the first Miss Nigeria, you saw all the managing directors of Miss Nigeria that created the brand. We are happy about what happened today. We the organizers have nothing to do with the structure of judging. Ours is to put everybody together and make them happy. It is a modest first step and it is a baby’s step. What we are going to do is to build on it. In less than two, three years, we will have a truly national pageant. Everybody will buy into it. We want young people to connect. This is our heritage .I thank everybody for coming. Though we had a little delay, later everything turned better.

What makes Miss Nigeria different from other pageants?

It is Miss Nigeria. It is only one pageant everywhere in the world. Miss Nigeria will be a global event by next year. We will have queens from all over the world.

We will break the pageant into three, a circuit pageant, the people will get automatic entry into the final, We will also do casting because we have Nigerians in the diaspora. It will be a huge resource and connection for the country. We want to up every body’s game. We will have 12 casting outside the country for Nigerians in the diaspora. We will use the platform as a positive perception for the country. We will do casting in every geo political zone in Nigeria as well




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