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Mixed reactions trail FG decision to admit students through JAMB (2)

The Federal Ministry of Education, on Monday, July 11, 2016, sent a warning to Nigerian universities to give admission to students based on their performance in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination and not the Post-UTME screening test.

A statement by the Director, Press and Public Relations in the ministry, Ben Goong, it warned that acting against the new directive would have itself to blame.

“Universities have no business admitting candidates other than those sent to it by JAMB but could screen candidates to remove those with anti-social traits and suspicious credentials.

“The screening should not be done upon resumption. No university is allowed to have anything to do with any applicant who is not its student. Screening and registration are only for those who have been admitted by JAMB.”

Meanwhile, the ministry subsector has agreed on N2,500 as the fee for Post-JAMB, bank charges inclusive and the screening is meant for students who have been given admission into a particular institution across the country. The ministry insists there is no objection to screening by institutions as long as it is not another Computer Based Test.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of students on the new development. Admission seekers revealed their challenges on the FG decision and how some institutions have been violating the new directive.



It will be a good idea if only JAMB itself is capable of conducting a sound examination that will be itch free. The last examination conducted by JAMB was biased, I must say. The Federal Government needs to do more in improving the supervision of the exam before vesting their trust in it. Post JAMB still remains the ideal means of admitting students, I mean, qualified candidates. I just hope JAMB will now begin to live up to expectation and provide standard examination setting and grading for this new development to work out fine for the admission seekers.



I don’t think it is a good idea. The Federal Government needs to do more in structuring the conduct of JAMB examination itself before initiating the idea. Our education system needs to be in good shape before talking about the scrapping of Post UTME.



It’s a good idea, I think. At lease it will help reduce admission fraud in higher institutions in Nigeria. I paid N50,000 last year for admission runs, I never knew I was duped. I’m yet to gain admission till now. I had 215 in JAMB and 64 in my school Post-UTME plus my N50,000, it’s just so sad. I will support itself will handle admission process instead of allowing schools to extort us.



It is a good idea, I heard ASUU kicked against it but it’s the best the Federal Government can do to help admission seekers. To gain admission in Nigeria today, you must be powerfully connected. Qualified candidates are not given admission, instead the ones who are ready to pay their way into their desired schools are offered admission. I believe in the move by the Federal Government to admit students through JAMB.



I’m not in support of the idea at all. I wrote jamb three times but I was unlucky to gain admission. Meanwhile, candidates who did not meet my score in the exams gained admission just because they were able to pay for admission. The situation is just very sad. Let the JAMB examination itself be scrap so, universities will be able to admit qualified candidates for admission instead of deceiving candidates with the conduct of JAMB examination.



As far as I’m concerned, scrapping post UTME is the best. Imagine thousands of students spending another money to obtain Post UTME forms, after expenses on JAMB forms including logistics. Students still waste their time and energy to travel for another Post UTME exam.

And the annoying part, most of them end up becoming a prey to predators after so much stress in passing through JAMB.

These schools don’t care about their welfare. All they care about is getting their forms bought when you’re not even sure of admission.

Someone you wrote the test with will have same or low score and will gain admission while you are left to wonder.

At some point, they tell you ‘try admission runs’ when you know the high score in JAMB is enough to neatly secure you admission without stress. Corruption has taken over Nigeria.



Post UTME is fraud. It only gives those with connection an opportunity to be what they want. Just the way it’s happening in police recruitment. Some people get it on a platter of gold because they are connected even when they are not qualified.

Our leaders are not doing things right, the middle class Nigerians are being oppressed. Common bricklayer job in Nigeria needs connection. We need to get things right.


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