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Mixed reactions trail FG decision to admit students through JAMB

The Federal Ministry of Education, on Monday, July 11, 2016, sent a warning to Nigerian universities to give admission to students based on their performance in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination and not the Post-UTME screening test.

A statement by the Director, Press and Public Relations in the ministry, Ben Goong, it stated that warned that act against the new directive would have itself to blame.

“Universities have no business admitting candidates other than those sent to it by JAMB but could screen candidates to remove those with anti-social traits and suspicious credentials.

“The screening should not be done upon resumption. No university is allowed to have anything to do with any applicant who is not its student. Screening and registration are only for those who have been admitted by JAMB.”

Meanwhile, the ministry subsector has agreed on N2,500 as the fee for Post-JAMB, bank charges inclusive and the screening is meant for students who have been given admission into a particular institution across the country. The ministry insists there is no objection to screening by institutions as long as it is not another Computer Based Test.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of students on the new development. Admission seekers revealed their challenges on the FG decision and how some institutions have been violating the new directive.



I support this new idea by the Ministry of Education. My concern is the activities of some institutions across the country should be supervised because they are used to giving admission to students based on their performance in the Post-UTME. Both the Federal Government and institutions across the country should consider the future of the young ones trying to gain admission. Admission into Nigerian institutions should not be made for the rich alone.



I hope this will work out fine in a country like Nigeria because the computer-based examination conducted by JAMB is not perfect yet. I remember my last JAMB examination was a bad experience. The computer I used tripped off at will. Not only me, a lot of people had same experience in the last JAMB examination. Proper measures need to be put in place to make this plan work.



I don’t like the idea at all. JAMB itself is still struggling to conduct a sound examination. Many examination centres had a lot of issues in the last JAMB. The computers used for the exam are not reliable. This led to the failure of a lot of students.

Now that the federal government has decided to make JAMB the admission requirement into every school, it will be difficult. The JAMB examination itself needs to be strengthened before making such decision.



This is a welcome idea and I am happy about it. I just hope that it will work out fine because some schools are not ready to stop demanding illegal money from students for admission. If the federal government can adequately supervise this process, I’m sure it will be a good one for every admission seeker.



It is a good idea but it is not helping a lot of students because the system JAMB uses in posting students to schools for admission is not in good shape.

For instance, I scored 211 in the last JAMB. I have not been posted yet. My choices of schools are already conducting the screening. The whole thing is confusing, I must say.



N2,500 for the screening test is a good one but I am still bothered if JAMB will effectively do the posting. A lot of admission seekers are hoping because this year’s JAMB and Post-UTME are what we expected to douse the situation. The possible way out is that the federal government should reach an agreement with every institution in the country so as to make admission easy for qualified candidates.



The federal government is trying to adopt a kind of system that will never work in a country like ours. I wrote the last JAMB and my score was 195 but I doubt if University of Lagos will ever accept that score for admission because we all know their admission requirement for JAMB is not less than 200. I will keep the faith alive and hope all of their strange policies work out for good.



It is a good one from the federal government. I know the policy is aimed at enabling thousands of admission seekers get admission. But many schools will not comply with this policy. Schools are fond of generating money from the conduct of Post-UTME. In fact, many schools admit students based on their performance in the Post-UTME examination. It will be hard to change that. The government needs to put in place a strict sanction for those who will go against the decision.



I think admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria needs to be restrategized. Our education system lacks a lot of things like structure, organiasaiton and so many more. How can the Federal Government give orders and the institutions give theirs to counter that of the federal government.

We need a straight forward and plain education policy in this country. We need to stop deceiving ourselves and jeopardizing the future of the young admission seekers. We don’t even know whose directive to follow maybe the institutions or the federal government. Only God can revive our education system.



It’s a good development in my own opinion. My prayer now is schools should follow the new directive. Those of us who have passed the JAMB examination should be admitted directly and let the screening test follow immediately.

Those who are not qualified will bow out. It is a welcome idea for me. At least, the idea of extorting a lot of money through the name of Post-UTME will stop.



This system is not just what we need this time. If they are willing to make this system work, it should be made clear to students the cut-off for each course in every school in the country. The policy is secretive. It won’t work out fine without carrying the students along.



I still don’t get the whole situation. Let me give you an instance. If a school has 5,000 qualified applicants for a course and the school can only admit 300 students, what will happen to the rest 4,700 qualified candidates? I don’t think this system will work out fine. Post-UTME is meant to shortlist qualified candidates for admission. If schools are to base admission on JAMB alone, then our education system is upside down.



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