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Mixed reactions trail killer poultry produce scare in Lagos

OVER the weekend, the Lagos State Government, through the state Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Toyin Suarau, alerted members of the public on the dangers of consuming exhumed and contaminated frozen poultry produce like chicken and turkey 30meat, presently being circulated around the state.

Mr. Suarau stated that the contaminated poultry produce were seized by men of the Nigeria Customs Service in Badagry, but were exhumed by unknown persons who sell the produce to unsuspected consumers.

The commissioner added that the imported poultry produce were preserved with chemicals like Formalin which is poisonous and could lead to slow death without the knowledge of the consumer.

In this vein, ENCOMIUM Weekly went to market places for a check in with frozen produce sellers, to know if the news of the killer chicken and turkey has affected the sales rate.  We also had a chat with women who purchase the produce to know if the news has stopped or affected their preference for frozen produce.




People are still buying chicken and turkey.  In fact, big chicken (orobo) sells more than the local one.  I am hearing this for the first time.  I am sure of where we buy our produce.  They are intact and are not expired.



We don’t buy expired or contaminated goods.  Chicken and turkey are still in high demand. Most especially as the festive season is approaching.  We have started stocking the shop but it will even finish before you know it.



I am not aware that some people are selling exhumed chicken and turkey. I am very sure of where I get my supply.  We get it from the right source.  People prefer buying frozen chicken and turkey because they have flesh more than the local ones.  The product is still in high demand.



This is not the first time they would be condemning frozen food.  It is not limited to chicken and turkey alone, there are other foods that have been condemned.  God will help us all. I am sure the goods I am selling are not exhumed and they have not expired.



I have heard the news.  I am not bothered because I buy genuine products.  My supplier is not a dubious person. I also eat from the chicken too.  I will not eat something that is poisonous.  Moreover, if I poison customers how will they buy from me?



I have not read and heard about that.  Though it has been in the news that we should not patronize frozen chicken and turkey sellers, I just prefer them to the local ones.  They are bigger and they have more flesh.  We cannot use the local one for events.  I prefer the orobo.




I bought turkey two days ago. I don’t like chicken.  I prefer turkey.  I think the chemical used in preserving the chicken is too much.  It makes it lose its taste, I prefer turkey.



Virtually everything in this country has an issue.  I can tell you boldly that the same chicken and turkey Customs said we should not eat is sold by some Customs Officers.  That is the truth.  What do they want us to believe now?  You can see me buying chicken. I will continue to buy it and nothing will happen to me and my family.



My husband has heard the news and he is very scared.  He has asked me not to buy frozen chicken or turkey for now.



I read the news and I am very scared because I just bought turkey on Saturday.  My family has even eaten from it and nothing happened to us.  My fear is, what will we eat now because the red meat causes cancer and now, there is killer turkey and chicken in circulation.

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