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MMM investors in Nigeria speak about their anxiety

Majority of Nigerians who have been having pleasurable experience via Mavrido Mundial Moneybox (MMM) have started biting their fingers following the freezing of the accounts of all the participants in the ponzi scheme on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. The step translates to the fact that all members who have Provided Help (PH) in the last one month won’t have the opportunity to request for payment, that is Get Help (GH) until after one month when the scheme reopens for transactions.

Since the news started filtering in, many members of the money doubling game have been lamenting, screaming confusion and all that, suspecting foul play by the operators of the scheme.

A few Nigerians spoke to on this ugly and suspicious development expressed displeasure, blaming their decision to participate in the project on the poor economic situation facing the country.
‘My N300,000 is gone!’-UGOCHUKWU VICTOR

“This is fraudulent. I don’t believe they will reopen the accounts again. What do I tell my down liners? Then, what becomes of my N300,000? And I was warned by a friend not to stake in that huge amount. Now, the money is gone. And that’s the money I depend on for my business during Christmas and New year celebrations. The worst thing now is that there is no one to arrest. Even, the police have warned people against it, so also the Central bank. That means, if anything happens to your money,you’re on your own. What a deep shit!”.
‘I am confused’-SYLVESTER IBE

‘ I am also a participant, and I have N200,000 in the scheme. I first put in N100,000 and I was paid N130,000 after a month. That gingered me to put in more money. That’s why I staked N200,000 expecting about N300,000. Now, the whole investment is gone. And as if my wife is a prophet. She warned me but I didn’t heed the warning. Apart from me, a lot of other Nigerians have also boarded the one chance vehicle. Only God can save us”.
‘I have learnt my lesson’-FATOLA ADETOKUNBO

I was warned before veering into MMM, but because of my children’s school fees, I had to give it the benefit of the doubt. Now, it’s like we have all been duped, and there’s no one to arrest. I will start looking for alternative way of paying my children’s school fees because very soon they will resume. I have learnt my lesson. And that’s my first time of involving in such a thing.”

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