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Toyota Corolla (1998-2006) has emerged Nigeria’s most popular tokunbs car, according to ENCOMIUM Weekly findings. We spoke to some car dealers in the Lagos metropolis, according to them the cars that were listed for being the most popular in Nigeria are:


 Toyota Corolla (1998-2006) model

 Toyota Camry (1998-2012) model.

 Toyota Sienna (2002-2003) model.

 Toyota Highlander (2003 and 2005) model

These brands led after our correspondent had a talk with car dealers in Lagos. They all said that Toyota Corolla is the most popular and most sold car. Below is an interview with one of the auto dealers.



Sir, which are the most popular and highly sold cars?

If we are to talk in order of popularity the Toyota Corolla would come first, then the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Highlande. These aforementioned are the most popular cars.

What colours do people often request for?

You see people asking for blue, silver and black. People often reject white and red.

How much are they sold?

Toyota Corolla is being sold according to the models.

Toyota Corolla (1998)-N850,000

Toyota Corolla (2003)- N1.350 million

Toyota Corolla (2005)-N1.550 million

This also applies to all the other ones

Toyota Camry (1998 tiny light)-N850,000

Toyota Camry (2001 drop light)-N1.1 million

Toyota Camry (2003)-N1.350 million

Toyota camry (2005/2006)-N1.50 million

Toyota Muscle – N2.5 million.

Toyota Camry (2012)-N5 million



Toyota Highlander (2003)-N1.850 million

Toyota Highlander (2005)-N2.4/2.5 million

After a collated interview, ENCOMIUM Weekly, also found out the reasons why Toyota Corolla is the most popular car. The car doesn’t consume much fuel, the Toyota Corolla is a four pilot engine and because of that it is easy to maintain. Toyota Corolla spare parts are easy to get in the market. Toyota Corolla could easily be maintained.

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