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Mothers speak on the gains of exclusive breastfeeding

Breast milk is nutritious, especially when babies are exclusively fed with it for the first six months without water or food.

Oftentimes, mothers do not buy the idea of feeding their babies only with just breast milk for as long as six months. They would rather give flimsy excuse of not wanting to have sagged breasts at the end of the exercise. 

However, mothers spoke with admitted they are exclusively breastfeeding their babies with the exception of few…


Mrs. Bisi Badmus

I didn’t do exclusive breastfeeding because I had my children through caesarean section (CS). The first three days I couldn’t take anything, I only took fluids. So they had to introduce formula to the baby (babies’ food). I couldn’t try it because I was not even strong myself but medically, it is advisable and I wish to do it, if I have any other opportunity that is not through CS.


Mrs. Funke Adewale

I don’t support mothers who give their child only breast milk for complete six months. It will just make the child look plumpy but the child will not be strong as he ages. So, I didn’t do it to my child.


Mrs. Rhoda Ndubueze

My mother-in-law didn’t allow me to exclusively breastfeed my baby for six months, she complained I wanted to kill her first grandchild. So I had to succumb to her order to avoid misunderstandings. But it is good one tries it, even the doctors and nurses will advise you.


Mary Udosen

I fed my baby with just breast milk for complete six months, he is looking healthy and stronger. I did it on instructions of our family doctor. He said children who are exclusively breastfed are not prone to sicknesses associated with infancy. I didn’t record any case of sickness and my baby is healthy.


Idongesit Bassey

I am in the third month and nothing like sickness, my baby is just growing bigger and healthier. I have never given him water since I gave birth to him and it is not affecting him in anyway.


Nike Adeyemi

I exclusively breastfed my baby. It is good because children who are fed with just breast milk are strong and they don’t get sick easily.

Even when you put to bed, they will advise you to atleast give it a trial.


Mrs. Franca Dayo

I couldn’t try it because of my mother, she wouldn’t allow me because she warned me she never tried it with any of her children. But if I had my way I would try it because it is advisable.


Amarachi Udeme

I exclusively breastfed my baby because it helps to build the bones of a child and it develops a child’s IQ. Though I was scared at first, my baby is stronger and looking more healthier.


Hadiza Suleiman

I am doing it because I was advised by my doctor, though I never wanted to try it at all. At the end my baby is looking much more healthier.


Doris Edeh

I didn’t try it because I don’t want a sagging breast. How on earth will my baby suck my breast for six months alone. I can never try it.


Mrs. Blessing Obiora

I am doing it because it is good for both mother and child. I exclusively breastfed my baby because it helps to boost the IQ of a child. The nutrients I’m taking, my baby is getting it through breast milk.


Agnes Aboh

I cannot feed my baby with just breast milk because I wouldn’t want sagged breasts at all. How can my baby suck just my breast for complete six months? Besides, I cannot do without food and I would want my child to eat alot of food and not just breast milk.


– Chika Okorie for 


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