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BOSS of defunct Movida nite club, Akeem Sodeinde who battled diabetes and kidney ailment for years died in the afternoon of Sunday, May 10, 2015, in his Oniru Estate, (Lagos) home without eating the fish pepper soup he instructed his aide to prepare for him.

Sources who were with the erstwhile king of night club business revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, May 11, 2015, that the once bubbly and bulky man of the good life didn’t show any sign that he would pass on soon.

Though all those who are close to Akeem Sodeinde knew he was living on one kidney and encountered health challenges on account of diabetes, they never thought death would come this soon.

Tonye Briggs, one of Akeem Sodeinde’s cousins who attended the family meeting of Monday, May 11, 2015, at the deceased’s Odudu Eleyiwo Road, Oniru Estate (Lagos) admitted that he died in his sleep.

“Akeem passed on in the afternoon (of Sunday, May 10, 2015) at his Oniru home (a stand-alone one-storey building); an insider told ENCOMIUM Weekly.

“He was with one of his boys and a younger uncle (IB). When he woke up, he took his medication. He was his normal self, he was joking and laughing –and there was no sign that he was going to die.

“He categorically stated that he wanted fish pepper soup –and the boy went on to start preparing the delicacy.

“Akeem now took a nap; when he’s resting or sleeping nobody disturbs him.

“Thereafter, when he should have been up to take the pepper soup, they noticed that he was not breathing.  His doctor was quickly summoned around, he pronounced him dead around 5 p.m.

Once he was confirmed dead, he was reportedly moved to the General Hospital in Lagos –and family members started calling each other.

On Monday (May 11), they were meeting at Akeem Sodeinde’s house where many voted that he should be buried quickly, and some disagreed.

But what is certain is that all have agreed that he should be buried in the next one week.  What’s unclear is whether he would be buried in Lagos or Abeokuta (his homestead).

Sodeinde, whose father is from Abeokuta (Ogun) and mother from Rivers, is survived by a child.  His marriage collapsed just after a few years, and he thereafter had a child from another relationship.

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