‘My first embarrassing moment as an artiste’- Gbodomi crooner, Mayano

He’s popularly known as Mayano by music pundits, but his real name is Ismahil Olasunkanmi Moshood. Born on April 30, 1998, the Ebute-Meta born singer, well known for his rap prowess and unique style, is back with a new smash single entitled: Gbodomi after the success of Bamisoro, featuring Skales. The Mjay Record label artiste spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on the new single, and also recalled his embarrassing moment as an artiste.

How long have you been doing music?

I’ve been doing music for so long and it’ll be like four years now. It was all about freestyling back then in secondary school and on the streets of Ebute-Metta, before I got signed by Mjay Records and that was when I officially started music.

What is the motivation?

The good things and the bad things around me, most especially in Nigeria are enough to motivate me as an artiste. Every artiste is inspired by the happenings in his environment.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a new single after the success of Gbodomi, produced by Echo and mastered by Suka Sound. The visual was directed by Unlimited L A at Elegushi Beach in Lagos. The one I’m working on now is really unique because I don’t want to do what people are tired of listening to and I’m not going to say anything much about it for now, but I’m100 percent sure you are going to love it, just watch out.

How will you rate your acceptability by music pundits?

It’s really improving compared to when I started. You need to do the study yourself and I’m sure the feedback would impress you. After Gbodomi, my next songs will win the heart of my music lovers.

What makes your music unique?

What make my music unique is my creativity and delivery.

Tell us about your record label?

My record label is doing good and great and they’re really promoting my song so well. I’m also happy and grateful about it. I got signed by Mjay Records and I promise not to let them down. I’m going to make good music, make money for them and make them happy too. We all going to be at the top by God’s grace.

Apart from music, what else do you do?

I am fully into music and planning to study more. I don’t have anything else I’m doing apart from music.

Tell us your most embarrassing moment as an artiste?

The most embarrassing moment for me was when I started my music career, the embarrassment was just too much. There was a show I went for, I was told the show would start by 2pm, but I got there earlier, around 1pm just to make sure I performed. I waited till they started the show around 3pm. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t invited. The organiser said my name wasn’t included in the list of performers. That day, I couldn’t cry and I couldn’t explain myself because I was so confused and pissed off. However, I knew everything has a reason and God’s time, they say, is the best.

What do you think is wrong with today’s music and do you want to make change?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with music industry. All I just believe is doing good music. You promote your songs well, believe in what you are doing, with prayer everything is going to be fine. However, I can say money and connection matter a lot in this industry, because if you don’t have money and connection, you are going nowhere, that’s all I have to say.

Tell us about your childhood?

My childhood was fun and interesting.



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