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‘My limousine is a gift from rich members abroad’ – Bishop Tom Samson

More revelations have emerged about the new stretch limousine that Bishop Tom Samson just acquired. ENCOMIUM Weekly confirmed from his close aides that the multimillion naira wonder-on-wheels was actually paid for by few of his rich members when he travelled abroad on a missionary journey.

“I am surprised that the limousine he just got has raised a lot of hullabaloo online. The truth of the matter is that when he came abroad on a missionary journey, we were browsing online when he saw the wonderful model displayed on which is a rare spec in the industry. He exclaimed that “Wow, I love this.” And unknown to him, we have been considering what special thing to give him as a surprise package for the way he has touched our lives. Thus, when he left, we, his financial partners, quickly contacted the manufacturer and gave him the specification and the rest is history.


hummer limousine

“Let me make this clear to everybody, Bishop is one of the rare clergy who has sincere interest in the plight of his members. He is neck deep in humanitarian projects. He has so many people on his payroll. He is solely responsible for their upkeep and scholarship to several people. Even the community where his camp is based, Iyesi at Ota, Ogun state, can attest to the numerous projects like boreholes that he has embarked upon to better their lives. Check out his schools, especially the college of education at Royal City. It is adjudged one of the lowest paying school, which is run after the missionaries who brought education to Nigeria”.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly contacted the amiable bishop on Saturday, November 29, 2014, he expressed shock at the reaction the limousine has generated. He confirmed that the limousine was paid for by few rich members of his church who have been transformed by his ministration, adding that his plan is to sell it after using it briefly.

“It is an act of kindness and expression of favour from God. If something is sold for N100m, a man of favour can get it for N50 million.”

Confirming the issue of N80m Hummer limousine to ENCOMIUM Weekly, he said, “It was individuals abroad who bankrolled it (not a dime from me), in appreciation of the role I played in their lives. Every good car that I have driven came from persons who I have impacted positively. Not everyone enjoys such favour. I carry anointing for deliverance and breakthrough. If you need salvation deliverance and breakthrough then contact this ministry or the man of God.

“Concerning being a philanthropist, few pastors in Nigeria can equal my philanthropic gesture.

“I have established well over eight primary and secondary schools in different locations with moderate and affordable school fees, while some students are on scholarship. I have foundation that cares for the less privileged and the aged. I run a private college of education, NCCE approved with best facilities and cheapest school fees in the country. Right now, we are constructing a university (Monarch University at Ewekoro) that will be one of the best and affordable for the less privileged.

“In our establishment, we have a work force of 200 men that have families, that receive salary every month. Many politicians that are being celebrated today don’t have that.

hummer-limo-miami“Tom Samson has donated a transformer for electricity to certain community in Ota, Ogun state. Recently donated a borehole to Iyesi, Ota community and gave scholarship to some indigene. Two more boreholes are to be constructed in the first quarter of 2015 in Ijaba and Osuke communities in Ota Ogun state.

The community in Ewekoro where our university project is ongoing has solicited our help for a bole hole and that shall be done in January 2015, God willing. We have construction equipment for Monarch University and Royal City project such as pay-loader, excavator and a roller-grinder. This we use to help some community free of charge to repair and maintain their roads.

“We have constructed one of the best hospitals in the country at Royal City, Iyesi Ota, Ogun state with modern equipment and our charges are subsidized by Tom Samson Foundation. The aged are treated free. We run free medical checkup, distribution of drugs and eye glass for six communities around Ota, Ogun state.

“I am a passionate man when it comes to kingdom work. I run a television /cable programme on daily bases across Nigeria, Africa and Europe that cost me millions of naira every month. I run a programme called Reigning In Life Conference over ten years in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Dublin and Atlanta, USA, where many destinies and lives have been transformed. Today, some of them are captains of industry, seasoned politicians and professionals. They now play major roles in my life and ministry. I built an 100 acre Royal City with hostel that can accommodate large numbers of people, 200 bedrooms chalets, flats, apartments for prayer retreat and camp meetings. Built a stadium in Royal City for healing and deliverance crusades and so many life’s have been save and the sick healed.

“I must remember to mention that in the past two years, over 14 cars were given to people within and outside the church (Proverbs 11:24-25) – “There is one whose scatters, yet increases more and there is one who withholds more, than is right, but it led to poverty. The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also water himself:” I have helped and donated to other churches and religious organizations such as motherless babies homes, school for the blind and many more. I have welfare ministry for my members.”

So, receiving a limousine as a gift is no big deal. If I desire a jet tomorrow, I know God will touch somebody to give it to me. God is a giver of good things. Good things are not meant for unbelievers alone. If you serve God, He will give you your heart’s desire. (Psalm 37:4) – “Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desire of your heart.” Rejoice with me while I enjoy my limousine. God bless you, yours will come.”



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