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‘My mom inspired me’ – Big Tril


Kaiza Raymond Roland is from Uganda, with the stage name Big Tril who is a rap artiste who has done massively for himself in East Africa. He is in the country right now courtesy of Striker Entertainment to do some collabo with top artiste in Nigeria and to shoot the video of his hit song Bad girl things which will be shot by unlimited L.A. he talks about his music career and his forthcoming album.


Why did you choose music as a career?

It just called out to me. I had good grades but after I was done with school I just told my mom I want to do music. She wasn’t surprised because she told me when she met my dad he was a DJ. She said she would support me and she has been very supportive ever since.

When did you start music professionally?

I started in 2011.

How has it been so far?

The journey has been dope but like any other journey you have your ups and downs. It hasn’t been easy but then in live nothing is easy.

You are currently signed on to Striker Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment platforms in Africa. How has been your relationship with Striker Entertainment since you signed with them?

A lot of record labels out there exploit artist but contrary to popular believe, Striker Entertainment has done a lot for me. I’m in Nigeria begin interviewed courtesy of Striker Entertainment. I have released 3 songs courtesy of the label and I am presently working in my album. So far so good, the relationship is good. I think I have the best boss in the world. He knows when to joke with you and when to motivate you. So all is well.

Can you tell me about some of your hit tracks in Uganda?

I had a track called Pretty girls. It was a smash hit in Uganda. I have another song called ‘push harder’. I have been working back home in Uganda and I’ve been releasing very good music and people have been loving it. When Striker Entertainment came up to sign me I just saw it as an opportunity to widen my wings.

Let’s talk about your song Sun mo mi because I know you don’t speak Yoruba.

We had someone in Nigeria do a beat chorus to a song and send it over to Uganda and I just basically put inmy verses then send back the song for mastering. Then we did a video and when we released the song it was dope. Basically we are trying to bridge because Africa is one. We listen to Nigerian music but we don’t know what they are talking about.

Do you presently have any project in Nigeria?

I’m looking at doing a lot of project in Nigeria. I’m going to be working with Unlimited LA, shooting on a new song titled bad girl thing. I’m also going to be doing a couple of projects with selected Nigerian artist because I believe Nigeria is the entertainment capital right now and this is where everybody needs to be If you are at having an impact on the African Music industry.

When should be expect you album?

Later this year, according to me and my label of course. I’m working on the album it’s almost done and it’s going to be out later on this year hopefully. Just keep supporting the music go look up bigtril on social media.

What is your message to you fans in Africa and Europe?

To everybody in Africa and to everybody in Europe, it’s all the same, just keep working hard and keep supporting African musicians because I believe with your support we can go further. We can transcend boundaries. We can make Africa the entertainment canter of the world.

How did you come about the name?

When I was in a high school, I used to do a lot of rhymes and poetry. I was writing about someone born into greatness to rise into a legend and I liked the line. So I abbreviated the line and came up with the name Bigtril.

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