‘My mother was heartbroken when she realized I was into music’ – BASE ONE

Sotunde Isaac Ayomipo, popularly known as Base One, is an indigenous rapper rated among top 5 Yoruba rappers in July 2013, and also at the Headies Rookie of 2015.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him at Quilox Nite Club, Victoria Island, Lagos, where he spoke about his fans labeling his songs controversial. He also spoke on how he broke his mother’s heart by going into music and more.


What informed the song, Were Re?

Anytime I rap on the street, maybe among my friends or fans, they always complement my beat. Some would say in Yoruba eleyi ti ya were. So, that is how that particular slang stuck. So, I tried to carve a niche out of it and recorded the song entitled, Were re. I did the first version of the song and that got me nominated at the Headies Rookie of 2015. I came up with the remix featuring Olamide and Phyno.

Why the choice of Olamide and Phyno, why not some other rap artistes?

The reason I chose Olamide and Phyno is that Olamide has the West on a lock down and Phyno has the East on a lock down and they are both good indigenous rappers. A lot of people respect them. So, I am just trying to tap into as many fans as possible, from the East and the West with a view to increasing my fan base. That is why I chose Olamide and Phyno.

Aside Were re, how many singles have you released?

Under Aquila Records, I have only released Were re. Were re remix, Skun Skun then and At it again. Just four songs, but At it again features KSwitch on video records.

What are you working on presently?

Presently, I am working on a song with Kwam 1. The song will be out soon and probably the viral video for Skunskun should be out too soon.

With the titles of your songs, don’t you think fans will have a rethink before they listen to them?

Actually, it is kind of controversial and it is either a good thing or a bad thing. It is a bad thing if you don’t check it out first. It is a good thing when you listen to my lyrical proverbs, how I do my thing, how I deliver my rap, how I deliver my songs. It is not that I am mad, it is just really cool and figurative. So, when you listen to my songs, you will understand my brand better.

What has been the reception of the audience since you started out?

The reception has been positive. My fan base is increasing fast. A lot of people are getting to know the brand called Base One. A lot of people are beginning to appreciate it because when I get back to my hood, the love is massive. I don’t have any problem with the response because it is positive.

When did you officially start music?

I started doing music in 2006, when I met my producer, Blaze but you can’t really judge it by that. You have to start judging when your stuffs start popping. That’s how you calculate it but my whole career kicked off officially in 2012, or thereabout. That was when a lot of people started to know the brand name, Base One.

How did you go into music?

I went into music because it is something I have passion for. It is something I have loved from the outset. So, I listen to a lot of rap songs and I thought of doing something for myself. I can write stuffs like this, I can do rap and it worked. Ever since, I started working on it, and right now, we are here.

What inspires the kind of rap you do?

My environment, things that make me laugh and good music. A lot of good music inspire my kind of rap. I listen to a lot of music. I listen to all genres and I try to tap one or two things. And my environment too, because I am a street boy. When things make me laugh, I just look for a way to convert it into music. So, I can share it with other people.

When did you officially get signed to Aquila Records?

I officially signed in March 2015, and ever since, it has been wonderful.

How has the experience been at Aquila Records?

The experience has been good because Aquila Records is like my family. They are people who try to brush you up. For example, they will tell you that you are good that is why we signed you but we want you to be better if not the best.

So, they are the kind of people that scrutinize you intensively. Usually, they start with our songs, then they move to our appearance, how we talk during interviews, the way we perceive the public. So, basically, they try to groom you to be better.

When your parents knew you were into music, were they in support?

Actually, when my mom found out I was doing music, she was heartbroken because I am from a very serious religious background. So, she was surprised when she heard I was doing music. She kept on asking why me amongst all the children, amongst our relatives, in short in our lineage. Why would I go into music? I am even calling myself a madman which does not make sense.

She wept bitterly. She had to call my family members to talk to me but music is something that I love doing. As time went on, she started supporting me. So far, she is now more supportive.

What are the challenges in the music industry?

In the music industry, the challenge that I am facing right now is just for me to be big so that people won’t start treating me like an up and coming artiste. I need recognition and acceptance. I want a spontaneous recognition of my brand but for now, that you are still trying to come up, you still suffer some challenges.

Maybe you are supposed to perform at an event, they won’t allow you because they feel you are not big enough for such event. Radio stations hardly play your song unless you keep calling them, go for interviews. There are so many ups and downs but I think with time, these things will be of the past.

The first quarter of the year is gone, so what are your plans for the remaining months?

I am planning to release a song featuring Kwam 1 and a new single which I am not going to mention until it is out because it is going to be a massive song. It is going to be a song that people would not expect from me. People look at me like this guy is a solid rapper but you guys will be seeing Base One from another angle entirely.

You won’t believe that it is me. You all should watch out for the song, you will definitely be the first to know.

Are you single, married or searching?

My marital status says single.

What are the qualities that make a lady your ideal woman?

One, she must be God fearing. She must be light skinned. She must be a good cook because I love good food and she must not be razz because I am razz enough.

Can you tell us about your family and your educational background?

I am from a family of six; three sisters ahead of me. I am the last born, the only boy and the black sheep of the family. I am a graduate of Lagos State University. I finished in 2012. I studied Banking and Finance.

What do you expect from your fans very soon?

From my fans, it’s money. I want money from them. Yes, because they are dancing to my song and they are feeling my hard work. They should also support me, go to itunes and buy my music, go to youtube subscription on my channel, watch my videos and when you see me, holla at your boy.

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