‘My strength lies in God’ -DUNCAN MIGHTY


Port Harcourt based singer, Duncan Wene Mighty, was among the artistes gathered by multiple award winning singer, Dapo Oyebanjo, popularly known and addressed as D’banj, to sensitize Nigerian youths during the recently conducted voters registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Duncan Mighty spoke  with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, July 9, 2011, at his hotel room (Eko Hotel & Suites) on his music, controversies and why he can’t stay in Lagos.


When did you start music?

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am most grateful. I am Duncan Wene-Mighty from Obio-Akpor local government, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I am an artiste, a sound engineer. I studied Audio-Engineering. I started singing right from childhood. So, I will say music is inborn and when growing up, I started singing in the church. I played several musical instruments before I went into music professionally where I taught music as a career. That was between 2000/2001 until 2008 when I released my debut album entitled Kolwater, which has my popular song, Dance For Me.

Which of the songs would you say brought you to limelight?

Starting from Wene to Dance For Me and others. In all, I thank God for His favour.

Why did it take a long time before you released your debut album?

Actually, I never wanted to loin the business to make money because I just love music. Music is my life, and everything. Later, I realized that I can become successful through music. So, I started aspiring to become big and made it.

There is this assumption that you are more popular in the East, particularly Port Harcourt than elsewhere. What is your take on this?

I give God all the glory that my music is accepted by Nigerians but I can’t really say if I get more support from the East. Maybe because I come from that part of the country. Honestly, most of the time we performed in the North, we saw more fans than what we have in the east, which shows that we have more fans in the North than the East. I have done a couple of big shows in Lagos, such as AY Live, etc. Duncan Mighty will always be the last artiste to perform and it was great. I thank God for how my fans are really accepting my songs.

Now that your music is accepted all over Nigeria, what are you doing to sustain the tempo?

I want to thank my management for a great job in ensuring that my music is accepted by Nigerians and beyond. I give Go the glory that whatever we send to our fans, they always accept it.

You’re on which record label now?

I am not signed to any label. I just established a partnership with Chris Aire Watches in USA and it’s called Aire Mighty. It’s all about music and entertainment generally.

What is your present relationship with Mo’Hits after the rumour that you’re signed to the label?

Let me state it again that I am not signed and I was never signed to Mo’Hits. But all the Mo’Hits artistes, including Don Jazzy have always been my friends. The truth is that I we never signed to Mo’Hits. However, we’ve done some collaboration together and it will be released soon.

You’re one of the top artistes nominated for the 2011 NEA, how does it feel?

Waoh! My brother, I just want to tell you that the nomination has made me believe in God even more than before. I a m so surprised that I have been nominated for Best Vocalist, Good Video and Good Lyrics and the rest. I don’t know what to say than to thank God.

Was it the first time you’ll be nominated for such awards?

Yes! But I have received some awards in Port Harcourt before this.

What will you say is un1que about your album?

The trust is that everybody knows how to sing but it’s only those who have God that succeed. The album is full of melodies, good videos and lyrics. Most of the songs are centred on thanking God and glorifying Him for what He had done I my life. I am from the East where there are crises but today, God has made me somebody through my music.

Tell us briefly about the album.

The album is entitled Legacy, meaning Ahamaefuna in Igbo. It has 15 tracks, which includes Hands of Jesus, The Port Harcourt 1st Son, Obianuju, Na God, etc. The whole songs were recorded by me, without collaboration with anybody. Again, it was produced, recorded and mixed by me.

What gave you the strength to do all these by yourself?

I have been able to reach out to the younger ones in my region. 60 per cent of celebrities in Port Harcourt were trained by me. I gave out free demo recording and I don’t expect anything from them because I know God will reward me one day. I thank God, it’s working out for them today, God is my strength.

Meaning that you have a lot of artistes benefitting from you?

So much. Right now, we have a project on music and art. It’s coming out soon. It’ll unveil the best of the best, irrespective of where they were found.

Do you have plans to relocate o Lagos now or in the nearest future?

No! I don’t think I can do it because there are lots of responsibilities for me and if I am going to be based in Lagos, I will break the responsibility and I don’t want such to happen. I’ll be the one to represent their interest before the state government for assistance and the rest.

We are aware you have several titles, tell us some.

This is the first time I am getting this type of question from the media. In Port Harcourt, they call me a lot of names. For instance, the people of the street call me Port Harcourt 1st Son, another one if The Boy from The Area, Wene Mighty and the elders, royal highnesses call me, The Town Crier.

How does it feel when you’re called these names?

It makes me feel that I need to do more.

*This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 19, 2010


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