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Mystery highest earner! YouTube star who never shows her face rakes in $5m


A mystery YouTube star has raked in almost $5 million (N188.9m) in ad revenue since opening Disney toy packages – yet all you ever see of her is her hands and impeccably painted nails.

According to figures published by analytics company OpenSlate, the highest earning YouTube account of 2014 was DC Toys Collector – a channel devoted to making unboxing videos of kids playthings. The channel features more than 1600 videos, most of which feature toys based on Disney characters – including Frozen lego and Minnie Mouse Kinder Eggs.
The identity of the presenter remains shrouded in mystery, but on her YouTube profile page, she reveals she’s an avid toy collector with a “huge collection” who speaks Spanish and Portuguese.
​The channel has an incredible 3.5 million subscribers and has racked up almost 4 billion views since joining the site in 2011.​

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