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Nelson Brown, My Lagos, ‘You can’t sleep with two eyes closed in Lagos’

The acclaimed sound engineer and producer is in love with the cool and calm environment of Festac.


Where do you live in Lagos and why?

I live in Festac. Formerly I was at A.J. Ajegunle where I grew up but I had to move to Festac because I wanted a change of environment and I think it’s cool, it’s not as rough as Ajegunle.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born here in Lagos, to be more precise at Epe local government and I grew up with my grandparents there.

So, what was your earliest Lagos experience?

Wow! Which one will I choose now? Okay, there is one that was very painful, that was when I started playing music and I was about 13 years then. I was coming back from rehearsals one day and I found all my load outside, my dad threw everything out. He said why would a small boy like me coming back home that late, I should go back to where I was coming from. That was how I left home at the age of 13 and I had to struggle all alone by myself.

So, what do you like about Lagos?

Lagos is like the United States. Everybody is here to hustle. You have to be smart, sharp to make ends meet. It is not where you will just sit down and fold your arms and expect manna to fall from heaven. You have to work very hard whatever you want.

What do you hate about Lagos?

Lagos is very dirty, very noisy and the crowd is getting too much, and it’s not a place you can sleep with your two eyes closed because it is very rough and tough like Warri, where I come from.

When you are out of Lagos what did you miss most about Lagos?

The good, bad and ugly side of Lagos cannot be compared with that of any other state. When I am outside Lagos, I am in a different environment, meet different people. I remember there was a time I travelled to Akwa Ibom after two weeks I was sick and I had to come back. I was told maybe it’s because of the water or food, those are things that do not happen to me in Lagos. So, when I travel out of Lagos I tend to watch what I drink and eat.

Where do you shop in Lagos?

Shopping? Do I actually shop? I don’t go to any fancy place to do my shopping. In terms of what I put on, I wear anything I like, I don’t need to go to any fashion house to get any special thing to put on.

What’s your favourite hangout or pub in Lagos?

I hardly go out but once in a while, I go to O’Jez Nightclub to meet friends and sometimes they invite me. I am always a studio man.

Who is your Lagos favourite celebrity?

In terms of the movie, RMD. In music I will say Lagbaja, I like his music and his style. In terms of music producers like myself, I will pick Odion Iruoje, he is my mentor.

How do you move around Lagos?

I prefer bikes because of hold up and I am always in a hurry to do things.

Once in a while, I use cars but I prefer bikes because they are faster than any other means of transportation.

What new project are you working on?

Daddy Showkey’s new album and some other young artistes that I am to release on my label.


(First published in 2005)

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