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New sensation, Xman retraces his journey into music

ADEDOKUN Oluwagbemiga Suleiman, popularly known as Xman, is taking the music scene by storm.  His single, Prisoner, is enjoying massive airplay, making him one of the most sought after acts in recent times.  The 23 year-old recounts how it all started for him.

Why did you set out to do music?

Music has been part of me since I was nine.  So, when I was 15, I started doing freestyles for people who now convinced me I could sing very well. But I never took music serious until 2007.  It was then I actually knew I have what it takes to be a world music star.

Is music your childhood dream and aspiration?

Of course, music has been part and parcel of me since I was nine. I grew listening to Fela and since then, I have always wanted to be like him. I also love fighting for the people like Fela did with music.  I want to be the voice of the voiceless.

What gave you the impression you could make it as a musician?

Whenever I sing, people always want me to go on and on because of my sweet voice.  So, they don’t always want me to stop singing.  I can remember when I was in secondary school (SS1), I had many female friends.  The SS3 girls would call me into their class to sing for them, and they always provided anything I requested.  They did anything for me just to sing for them.  A girl once flattered me that I can sing for a dead man to come back to life.

Since you started, how many songs have you done?

I have lost count. I think I have done like 15 tracks.  Presently, I have a song getting massive airplay entitled, Prisoner featuring MFlow and Fizzy Mayur and I am on a track with Seriki and Jhybo, which I will be shooting the video very soon.

How would you describe your music?

My kind of music is a combination of R n’ B, funk, dancehall, hip hop. I call my kind of music Afrocentric.

What inspires your creativity?

I will say things that happen around me inspire me.

Who are your heroes in the music world?

My heroes are Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Beautiful Nubia, late Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar, Michael Jackson, King Sunny Ade, Sir Shina Peters, Ebenezer Obey, Cobhams Asuquo, Stevie Wonder, King Saheed Osupa.

Tell us about your background.

My names are Adedokun Olugbenga Sulaiman, a.k.a Xman. I am from a polygamous family, I am the first son of my mother.  My dad is a Muslim, while my mom is a Christian.  My dad is from Oyo State and my mom from Kogi State.  I have two younger brothers.  My immediate younger brother is Adedokun Adedeji a.k.a ACY.  He is also an artiste and a clothier.  He has a clothing line called Nyra Setting.  In short, he is my clothier.


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