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New Zika virus treatment to help infected mothers

Researchers in a new study have found ways to protect infected pregnant mother from transferring Zika virus to their unborn babies. The breakthrough treatment comes from antibodies that are gotten from the blood of those who have survived the virus.
The treatment which was tested on mice, showed reduced levels of the virus in the mothers and also protected its pups from being infected. The  Zika virus causes birth deficiency in new born whose mothers have been infected. Zika is majorly spread through mosquitoes.
According to co-author of the study, Dr. Michael Diamond from Washington University School of Medicine, USA, “This is proof of principle that Zika virus during pregnancy is treatable, and we already have a human antibody that treats it, at least in mice.”
The antibody when applied, reduced the virus in the infected mother and protects against placental and fetal damage. The treatment will be given to pregnant women to offer temporary protection to the fetus. The protection would last about three weeks before another infusion is needed.

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