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Nigerians applaud fast replacement of prepaid meters over estimated bills

The fast replacement of prepaid meters over estimated bill is fascinating. Greater number of Nigerians now opt for the prepaid meters believed to be cheaper and eliminates consumers being cheated.

Prepaid meters are a type of domestic energy meter that requires users to pay for energy before using it. This is done via smart card, token or key that can be topped up at a corner shop or via a smartphone app. The estimated bill happens when electricity consumption based on previous usage patterns are estimated.

ENCOMIUM Weekly presents the opinions of users of electricity as they confirmed that preference and reasons for making such choice…


‘The prepaid meter is cheaper’ – MR. CHINOSO UGOCHUKWU

I prefer the prepaid meters. I can control my consumption and recharge the charge when I am ready. The prepaid meter is cheaper. I can’t be charged for what I did not use the light for. It also lasts longer before I pay for another one.


‘I don’t have to pay for crazy bills’ – MR. OGBONNA JOSEPH

I like the prepaid meter. Since I do not use a lot of home appliances, the prepaid meter is suitable for me. I switch it off when I am not around and put it on when I am back. I don’t have to pay crazy bills or fight with PHCN officials for charges on light.


meters-2‘It gives me accurate use of electricity’ – MR. DARE OGUNDELE

The prepaid meter is the best. It gives accurate use of electricity. Whether there is power or not, you would be charged according to your usage. I am not obligated to pay for the electricity I don’t use. Even when I travel, there is no bill waiting for me except recharging the meter.


‘I pay for electricity when I deem fit’ – MR. TOSIN OGUNWALE

I love the prepaid meter. I can’t be cheated from the electricity workers. I pay for electricity when I deem fit. Also, I can use the money for other things because the cost of using it is cheaper. I don’t have to worry about paying bills at the end of the month.


‘It allows me to budget’ – MR. NURUDEEN AKINDE

The prepaid meter is better. I pay for it upfront before using so it allows me to budget for electricity accordingly. As I am aware of non-essential appliances, I control their use, thus, reducing consumption. And with the use of cell phones or internet, I can purchase electricity at my convenience without expecting a surprise bill or having issues with those electricity workers.


‘It is what you have that determines what you use’ -MR. AKANBI OLUWASEGUN

I prefer the estimated bill to the prepaid meter because it is what you have that will determine what you use. In my house, we use a lot of home appliances which may result in frequent recharge within a month. But for the estimated bill, we pay once a month.


‘It is what you load that you will use’ – MAKINDE SHERIF

I prefer prepaid meter because it is what you load that you will use, no cheating. The issue of your wire being cut down and taken away is eliminated.


‘The prepaid meter is preferable’ – MR. KAZEEM

As one of the people who use prepaid meter, we do not complain of wires being cut. The only thing required of us is to reload our cards. It is the units you load that you would use. So, the prepaid meter is preferable.


‘The prepaid meter is the best’ – UDOH UDOMA

The prepaid meter is the best because most people using electricity bills to pay for what they don’t use at the end of the month. It is otherwise for prepaid.


‘The harassment by electicity officers is avoided’ – MR. PETER

I prefer using the prepaid meter to the electronic bill because we are charged for what we use at months end. Also, the harassment by electricity officers is avoided.


‘Prepaid is better’ -MR. EBUKA

The prepaid meter is better. It offers me the opportunity to control my electricity consumption without having to worry about the estimated bills at the end of the month. Also, I can’t be charged for what I didn’t use the light for and the harassment caused by these electricity workers is avoided. It is only rechargeable once exhausted.


‘You are charged according to what you consume’ -MR. TAYO AMUSAN

I prefer the prepaid meter. This is because you’re charged according to the electricity you consume. Even if there is power outage throughout a month or two, you wouldn’t be charged. You consume electricity according to the unit loaded.


‘It is accurate’ -MR. SOLA

The prepaid meter is better. It is accurate. You are charged according to your consumption. Your awareness of irrelevant home appliance is essential so as to control their duration of running them. If you don’t control them, they will consume your loaded units faster than you can imagine which will make recharge repeatedly in a month. So, I do switch off those appliances that I do not need once in a while to minimize consumption.


‘It is clear and accurate’ – MR. OLANREWAJU

The prepaid meter is very okay. You can’t be cheated for the electricity you never consumed. It is clear and accurate. I can even read the meter myself so as to know my rate of consumption before it is exhausted. I recharge when I am ready without being forced by anybody.


‘I prefer the estimated bill’ – MR. GANIU BELLO

I prefer the estimated bill. I use it in my work place and the prepaid is used at home. I use lots of appliances whose consumption rate is very high. If I use the prepaid meter in my work place, I would have to recharge after I use the two but the estimated bill is preferable.


‘You can control your home appliances’ -MR. CARJETAN

I prefer the prepaid meter to the estimated bill because I am satisfied with its use and operation. You can control some home appliances by switching them off to make the loaded units last longer.


‘You pay according to your use’ -MR. AGBAJE ANUOLUWAPO

I prefer the prepaid meter. The issue of your wire being cut and taken away is eliminated. The prepaid meter is pay as you use. You pay according to your use.


‘I can estimate it’ -MISS TENI

Prepaid meter is better than electronic bill because it reduces the cost. It offers me the opportunity of planning ahead. Recharging is not a problem. I can estimate the week I am going to exhaust the units loaded. So, I am never caught unaware.


‘I dislike estimated bill’ -ALIYU ALIMAT

I dislike estimated bill because you only pay for the electricity you have never used throughout the month. They bring crazy bills and expect you to pay without providing power. But for the prepaid meter, if there is power outage, your units remain intact. It doesn’t run.


‘I check how I use my home appliances’ -OLOWU DANIEL

In prepaid meter, we don’t experience crazy bills or cutting of wires by PHCN officials. You pay at your convenience without any threat or harassment. It offers me the opportunity to check how I use my home appliances.


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