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Nigerians back 90 day ultimatum for Buhari, say ‘Nigeria is too big to be run by a sick President’

Nigerians have started lending their voice to the 90 day ultimatum by a group of individuals, including controversial musician, Charles Oputa, better addressed as Charly Boy, for ailing President Muhammadu Buhari to return from his medical vacation and assume duty as Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or vacate the seat to pave way for the smooth running of the country as the country is too large to be under the control of an all time sick leader.

A couple of Nigerians sought their opinions on the agitation also spoke in its favour…


“The man should come out clearly so that we can know where we’re going’ – KUNLE ALABI

Everything seems stagnant now. We don’t know we’re going. It’s not compulsory Buhari finishes the tenure. He can resign if he knows he can’t continue due to his ill-health. We can’t afford to be ruled by an invalid President. Nigeria is too big for that, I think I will also like to support the 90 day ultimatum. Even, left to me, it’s even too much. He should return at the end of this month.


‘I support the protest’ – CHINEDU EZEIFE

The protest Is okay. It’s allowed in a democratic society like ours. Buhari is too sick to rule a country like Nigeria. He can’t continue ruling us by proxy. A country of about 200 million people to be governed by an old and a sick president, no. If he really loves himself and Nigeria as he claims, he should just resign if he can’t come back in the next three months. How many months left before this year runs out? What have we achieved this year? We need to tell ourselves the truth. The man is just wasting our time. He’s even too old to rule Nigeria apart from the fact that he’s also not feeling well. If at all he comes back now, I don’t think he can be that active to match the needs of Nigerians.


‘There’s nothing wrong in the protest’ – FOLA KAREEM

There’s nothing wrong in the call, but we still need to see it from human angle that no one is absolutely fit, health wise. I think Buhari needs more of our prayers at the moment than just calling for his resignation all the time just because of his ill health. But if after about 90 days more and he can’t recover fully, that means he should just eat the humble pie and resign because Nigeria is very big in size so also its challenges. So, a very strong and agile person is expected to rule it. And to be sincere, Osinbajo alone can’t do it all as Acting President. Left to me, the man has done his best. He has really tried but it seems the burden is much heavier than he could bear.”






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