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Nigerians blast Saraki on comment over anti corruption crusade

‘Clear your corrupt charges first’, they chorus

Myraid of criticisms have started trailing Senate President Bukola Saraki’s statement on President Buhari’s anti corruption crusade which he adjudged selective and sensational. 

Many Nigerians have lampooned the Ilorin, Kwara born politician. They described his comment as hypocritical.

Few Nigerians sought their views were also unhappy with the influential medical doctor turned politician, describing him as an enemy of progress. They, therefore, advised him to concentrate on his Code of Conduct Trial (CCT) and clear himself of the corruption charges levelled against him.


‘I am not surprised’ – BENSON MATHIAR

“I don’t think what Bukola Saraki said should be a surprise to any Nigerian who is keenly following the trend of events since he assumed office as Senate President. Saraki is not in the best position to make any public comment about the ongoing anti corruption war at all because he is yet to wash his hands clean of all the charges against him. He’s the number one corrupt person in Nigeria today. That’s why he is not happy with the ongoing war against corruption because he knows the long arm of the law will catch him one day. His statement was meant to discourage the Presidency and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from continuing the crusade. And that’s hypocritical.”


‘He should clear himself first before CCB’ – ADELEKE SANUSI

“Senator Bukola Saraki doesn’t have locus to comment on anti corruption war. He should just keep his comment to himself until he is freed by the Code of Conduct Bureau. He is an enemy of progress as far as I am concerned, he should just leave that matter. Whatever anybody may say, to me, Buhari is winning the war. It is a matter of time. And I think it’s because Saraki knows his hand is soiled in corruption, that’s why he said the fight is selective and sensational.”


‘Saraki is biased’ – UWACHUKWU UMEREH

“Although, Senator Bukola Saraki is entitled to his opinion, not only as Senate President but as a Nigerian. His assessment of anti corruption war is biased. His statement is hypocritical. He is afraid of being swept away by the tide of the crusade. Saraki is the father of corruption as far as Nigeria is concerned. He is leading a cabal in the National Assembly which is frustrating Buhari’s efforts in shaping Nigeria and ridding the country of corrupt practices. He should be ashamed. If I were Saraki, I would have resigned. I think my best advice for him now is that he should face his case of false declaration of assets first before dabbling into the issue of war against corruption. He is just an enemy of progress. In a sane society, somebody like him should be in jail now.”




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