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Nigerians condemn NFF N20,000 reward for Golden Eaglets

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, the Nigerian Under 17 team won the Junior World Cup for the fifth time since the tournament started in 1985. But shockingly, the elated and joyous boys were only paid N20,000 each by Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) for the historic achievement.

This has been generating reactions across the country and beyond, especially among soccer fans. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views about this poured out their anger, insisting the reward was ridiculous and discouraging.


‘They are not well compensated’ – Kunle Adelaja

I read that story online but I am not sure if it’s actually true. If it is, it is disappointing. Agreed, there’s no money in the country and Buhari said not too long ago that we are broke, but N20,000? Come on, how is that going to help their families? It’s too shameful. I hope something is done about it. If they can’t give them cash, at least things like property and scholarship would go a long way to alleviate some suffering of their families.

The reality is that if they are not well compensated, don’t be surprised if the next U17 boys or even U20 don’t give their best at competitions.


‘NFF has no excuse not to compensate the boys properly’ – Franklin Iroegbu

I don’t think it makes much sense, except it is only part of the whole package. The NFF has no excuse not to compensate the boys properly, especially after paying Oliseh salary advance not too long ago and constantly paying the men team their winning bonuses.

For crying out loud, we are talking about the World Cup even if it is U17, they played against nations with better motivated players and won. They should be encouraged, that’s what I feel.


‘The money is small, it’s not worth it’ – Samuel Ogunde

I expected NFF to pay those boys because they really tried for us by winning the trophy. I think they should be given more money to encourage them.


‘It’s nothing to write home about’ – Peter Phillips

NFF should be ashamed of themselves. They should give them nothing less than N50,000.


‘It sounds so ridiculous that they gave such an amount’ – Felix Okey

I think it is too small. I am really disappointed.

Giving them a million naira is not too much. They risked their lives and brought us national honour.


‘That amount is too small’ – James Babawale

They are supposed to give them something that would encourage them. Once they are not treated well, they wouldn’t play for Nigeria if invited again. May be a house. Something worthwhile. Something that would always remind them that they made their country proud.


‘These boys deserve better things than that money’ – Bimbola Lawal

I think those boys deserve better compensation than what the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has done for them. How can they be rewarded with just N20,000 for that kind of laudable achievement? I don’t believe it has ended at that. But if nothing more is done to appreciate these guys, that means Nigeria as a country is an ingrate. And the boys have been automatically discouraged.

That alone can encourage them not to further their football career in Nigeria. I think the Federal Government should wade in by handsomely rewarding these boys. Even all the state governors and corporate organizations should honour them as well.


‘The NFF has not done enough’ – Ezekiel Jajo

To me, the NFF has not even done anything at all. It’s ridiculous to hear that these boys were only given N20,000 each after bringing the cup back to Nigeria. It’s unthinkable. I learnt they said they’re still young and shouldn’t be spoiled with cash. If that’s true, what else would they be rewarded with for the brilliant performance at the tournament.

Federal Government should just encourage these boys so that they could be retained for bigger assignments. They’re Nigeria’s future soccer ambassadors and should be taken good care of.


‘I am highly disappointed in the NFF’ – Ademola Badmus

I am highly disappointed in the NFF for compensating the Eaglets with such paltry sum of money, for all their effort. They should have been given millions, not the rubbish they were given.


‘I am not happy about it’ – Adeknaye Adebola

When I heard it, I was so angry, you would think I am related to one of the boys. I have a feeling the NFF got more than that and decided to give the boys that miserable amount of money. Tell me, what N20,000 can do for them at this stage after doing so much for their country. They have discouraged them and even future players with such gesture.

They should be given nothing less than N2 million each.

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