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Nigerians label prophecies balderdash

‘I don’t believe in prediction’ – CHIKA GODFREY

I don’t attend Pentecostal or white garment church. I attend Roman Catholic. It’s rare to see a Roman Catholic priest predicting. Personally, I don’t believe in prediction. And if they see as they claim, they should just pray to God on behalf of the people or nations their prophecies affect to either avert the calamities or claim the fortunes.

They don’t need to be making everything public. They’re all fraudsters. And very soon, God will deal with all false prophets deceiving this country and its people.


‘I believe in prophecy’ – STEVEN AYOOLA

I believe in prophecy. Most times they shed light on hidden issues concerning individuals and nations. But the only problem now is that we have a lot of fake prophets in town. Everybody wants to get rich overnight. And the cheapest means is to deceive people by claiming God said this, God said that, especially at the end of every year just to cause fear in some people and in the government.

I don’t think such people are called by God as they always claim. They should all repent and serve God with all sense of sincerity for them to gain heaven.


‘Only God knows those that worship Him’ – ISIAKA SALAWU

I am a muslim but not all these prophets can be condemned. Let’s leave them to God who knows His people truly. In the Qu’ran, God has told us that He’s the only one who knows who worship Him in truth and those who do not.

And Allah has warned us against judging others. He referred to those condemning or judging others as transgressors. I don’t visit them but at times most of what they say may serve as guides for the affected person or nation. And if they lie, God knows how to deal with liars.


‘I don’t doubt my own prophet’ – OLUWATOBI OLABISI

I strongly believe in prophecy but that doesn’t mean I believe all those parading themselves as prophets. A lot of people were not called, they’re the ones that called themselves. They have turned Christianity to money making venture. It’s really annoying. You can really tell if you meet a real prophet. I have a prophet as my spiritual father. Whatever he tells me, I don’t doubt it.

In 2014, he warned me not to go out with friends on Christmas Eve which I heeded. But to my surprise, all my friends that went to a function together that day were arrested by men of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). One of them died in the process. So, to me, prophecies are like warning to mankind.

If you’re fortunate to meet the right prophet, he will tell you what will guide you throughout the year. Not all the prophets you see on the pages of papers and magazines are genuine. We have among them those looking for all these rich personalities so that they can milk them dry, all in the name of prophecy.


‘We don’t believe in prophecy in my church’ – ELIJAH OLAYEMI

I am a Christian, I attend a Pentecostal church. We don’t believe in prophecy in our church. But who am I to condemn any prophet who says he sees tomorrow so far the Bible has warned us against judging our fellow human beings.

We can’t fight for God, God is big and powerful enough to fight for Himself. The only thing I am sure of is that anybody who claims God has revealed certain things to him when God hasn’t, the person, surely, has a case to answer before God here on earth and thereafter.


‘I hate putting myself under the captivity of any prophet’ – SAMSON FABIYI

I don’t believe in any prophecy at all because I hate putting myself under the captivity of any prophet. Most of these prophets are only looking for undue popularity. They’re all prophets of doom. I have no regard for them at all because they have deviated from the teaching of the Holy Bible.


‘I became an orphan at the age of 10’ – HON. JUDE EMEKA IDIMOGU

(The first Ibo man to be elected into Lagos House of Assembly)

Hon. Jude Emeka Idimogu is a member of Lagos House of Assembly representing Oshodi/Isolo Constituency II. He is the first and the only Ibo man to be elected into Lagos House of Assembly since 1979. He turned 47 years of age on December 23, 2016 and used the occasion to grant an interview.

He told us about his growing up as an orphan, his education background, marriage and political career.



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