Nigerians lampoon prophecies by pastors (2)

While some hold the belief that it is possible to know the mind of the Almighty about the future; others do not buy into that idea.

Our correspondents engaged the public on the annual predictions and prophecies by pastors…


‘It is possible that pastors predict the future’ – Mobolaji Afolabi

I can’t understand how anyone can believe prophecies to the point that you build your life around them.

It is possible that pastors predict the future, but for me, the best guarantee to secure the future is to invest in today by working hard at whatever you do.


‘I believe in prophecies’ – Lily Alabi

Yes, I believe in prophecies. I believe they are God’s inspired utterances. I must admit that many pastors have taken advantage of gullible people in the name of prophecy. I think the key thing is to know God for yourself and know His plans for you personally. That way, nobody can deceive you that you should do this, so this or that can happen.

Prophesy is important in one’s life’ – Tafa Mustapha

Prophesy is important in one’s life. Yes I believe in prophesy because I am a testimony of one. Not all will come to pass as usual, some are just business strategies so to speak.

I do believe in prophecy’ – Lanre Dennis

I do believe in prophecy. As for what people say, many will come to pass and some will not. Nigeria is a blessed country but we have to know that things won’t be rosy all through.

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