Nigerians lampoon prophecies by pastors

While some hold the belief that it is possible to know the mind of the Almighty about the future; others do not buy into that idea.

Our correspondents engaged the public on the annual predictions and prophecies by pastors…


‘It is different from what they do’ – Maureen Ochiulo

Even though the Bible warns that we shouldn’t judge people, let alone men of God, it is clear that what these pastors do is permutation, not prophecy. Prophecy is God-inspired utterance. It is different from what they do. You know it is not God-inspired when they say things like: “if you do this, this would happen. If you do that, so and so will happen”. There are some I read and I say to myself that these are things I can come up with without calling it a prophecy.

Actually, I believe in prophecies. God sees the future, and sometimes He could show a glimpse of it to people for specific reasons.


‘I believe in prophecies’ – Nonye Okere

I believe in prophecies. I am a testimony of leveraging prophecies by men of God. Many prophecies have been fulfilled in my life. I don’t know about others but my pastor’s prophecies, especially during special events come to pass, maybe not everything.

At the beginning of every year, he makes some inspired pronouncements about the church and in few months people testify in line with the prophecy.


‘I don’t believe in prophecy’ – Sola Olawale

I don’t believe in prophecy. To me, it’s just an ordinary permutation. It’s not until you call yourself a man of God before you know that the economy won’t pick up at the beginning of this year. Why can’t any of them tell the Federal Government the actual location the kidnapped Chibok girls can be found.

They should just go and sleep or find a better profession where they can swindle people without hiding under the umbrella of any religion. I can’t follow their fake predictions.


‘I don’t think most of them are prophets as they claim’ – Isaac Olutayo

I believe in prophecy but not the kind of prophecies by all these end time pastors and prophets. I don’t think most of them are prophets as they claim. The only thing is that we’re not in a position to judge anybody. Let’s leave everything in the hands of God.

Prophecy, the way I see it, is just a kind of warning against impending danger or a guide to a fortune on the way, in which ever way it applies. But nowadays, things have changed. Everybody has become a prophet whether the person is called by God or not.


‘I believe in prophecy because…’ – Sup. Evang Sunday Olaode

Left to me, I believe in prophecy because I have experienced it personally on many occasions and they have come to pass. For instance, when I lost my first child in 1982, it was very painful. In fact, I had to mark him angrily at the back with my motorcycle’s key which created a scar on his back. And a prophet told me he would come back but in a miraculous way.

The prophecy came to pass after 22 years. The prophet at our new church gave the new child I had after 22 years the same name I gave the late one without knowing us before. He had never met me one-on-one before we started worshipping in that church. I now burst into tears.

He said I should check the child that there was a mark at his back. And the mark was exactly where I angrily marked him with my motorcycle key. My two wives gave birth same day and one of the children is the boy with the mark. So, prophecy exists. But the only thing is that not all prophecies are genuine.

Some prophecies are to create panic so that people can rush to them. And in most cases, it’s the bad one that they usually pray it comes to pass so that people can fear them. But as we’re not God, it’s difficult to know who is who among the pastors and prophets claiming they’re called by God.


‘I believe in prophecy because’ – Chima Okorafor

Yes, I believe in prophecies, they are words from God. I cannot judge them because the Bible says Do not judge but if they are true words from God, then so be it because I cannot question God and in due time, there will be manifestation of the Word of God.


‘Word of the prophet ye all shall be established’ – Evangelist Chidima

Yes, I do because the Bible says in the Word of the prophet ye all shall be established. For me, so far the prophecies are from God, I do not have a problem with them because God is not man that He should lie.

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