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Nigerians laugh at Saraki’s discharge by CCT 

At last, the long awaited verdict from the Code of Conduct Trial (CCT) on the Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was delivered today (Wednesday, June 14, 2017). But contrary to the expectation of many Nigerians, the Ilorin, Kwara born politician was discharged by the tribunal and all of 18 charges levelled against him were also dismissed.
Some Nigerians sought their views on the outcome of the trial which has dragged for months expressed total disappointment. They, however, concluded that the ongoing anti-corruption is only selective and sensational.
‘I am not surprised’


“Are you surprised at all? Left to me, I am not disappointed. I knew from the beginning that Saraki will go away with it. It shows that Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade is only targeted at his enemies, it can’t affect any APC member. The party is a failure in all ways.”
‘The judgement is political’


‘I am not really surprised about the end of the case. It’s just a political solution, not legal as it’s made to be.”
‘They only wasted time for nothing’


“I am disappointed in the outcome of the trial. That means they have been keeping Nigerians in suspense for nothing. They all knew where they’re going even before the trial commenced. It shows how powerful Saraki is. What has happened now has brightened his 2019 rumoured presidential ambition. Honestly, I have lost confidence in Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign now that Saraki is discharged and acquitted of the false declaration of assets charges against him.”
‘I feel bad about it’


The case from day one has been full of drama. I think the Federal Government just wanted to disgrace Saraki because of the way he emerged Senate President. That’s why the issue of false declaration of assets came in. But what has happened now has sent a very wrong signal to Nigerians home and abroad, even non Nigerians that are interested in the case, that the war against corruption is actually meant for personal vendetta, not really a serious war as it was made to look in the eyes of the public. So, what’s the essence of all the time wasted on the case? It’s a big disappointment on the part of the judges on charge.May be, they have also collected bribe, who knows?”

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