Nigerians on the success of #nobankingday

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, was declared nobankingday by the Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CAFON) and the Coalition of Nigeria Consumer Protection Associations (CONCA) led by Barr. Ope Banwo and Sola Salako. The day bank customers across the country were expected to shun banking activities in whatever form as a result of excessive charges.

A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their view on the success of the protect spoke in support of the call. They, however, advised the organizers to intensify on the awareness campaigns against next edition.


‘I think it was a success in Lagos’ – MISS JUDITH

For me, I think it was a success in Lagos, I don’t know about other states but I checked some banks on my way out because I wanted to deposit some money and I saw that the banks were not full as usual so I left the money till Wednesday.

So, I think it was a success in Lagos.


‘I think it was a success’ – MR. TUNDE

I have been around for a while but I am not Lagos based but I think it was successful because I got messages about it from my bank and my neighbours told me about it too. So, I think it was a success.


‘It’s a good idea’ – IBIDAPO LAWRENCE

I came here not to do any transaction but to confirm the level of compliance by the public including myself. I think it’s a good idea whether or not very many people complied. I think this would be the first time such a thing will happen in Nigeria.

I believe if it can be better organized than this, more people will be carried along. And before you know it, banks will be counting their loses. With the step, they will be forced to adjust in a way that will benefit the poor especially. I am expecting another call like this in the nearest future.


‘I am not aware’ – MARY OYADOLA

I am not aware of the call, but I think it’s should be supported by every Nigerian because the way all these banks charge us is alarming. We keep money in the bank to save it. And if such amount can’t be increased, I don’t think it should be deducted. The reason I think many people like myself came to the bank today is because of lack of adequate awareness.

If not, I don’t think there should be anybody here today for any transaction whatsoever.


‘It was not too effective really’ – KELVIN UCHENNA

It was not too effective really. Some actually didn’t visit the bank but I expected about 95 percent compliance. I think a lot of people didn’t hear about it. There was no awareness as such.


‘It was effective to an extent’ – UCHE MICHAEL

It was effective to an extent. A lot of people shunned banks. I visited a branch of one of the banks and it was almost empty. The crowd that usually trooped in every morning was not there that day. It wasn’t as if I had anything doing per se in the bank, I just visited to see the level of compliance.

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