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Nigerians want operators of Ibadan horror hideout arrested and punished

Human abattoir was discovered around Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State a week ago and those who visited the site were appalled by the sight of human corpses, bones that have died in the hands of the ritualists.

Days later more heart wrenching corpses of human beings were discovered, cross section of Nigerian have spoken to condemn this barbaric act just as those we spoke to in this series, they want perpetrators to be fished out and punished without any delay.



What happened in Ibadan was a sign of end time. It shows how wicked some human beings are. I believe they were truly using those people for rituals. If not, why were they caging them inside that forest and nobody knew what was going on until Sunday, March 23, 2014.

And a lot of people have been kidnapped and tied down inside the forest for more than a decade. Everything boils down to the fact that there is problem with our security apparatus.

Perpetrators of every evil shouldn’t go unpunished. Those found guilty as far as Ibadan horror forest is concerned must be prosecuted. They should also be killed because they have killed a lot of innocent souls for whatever reason known to them only.



I don’t know what to say. All I know is that God will take control of this country one day. We’re all in the dark already. It’s only God that can save us. Life has no meaning to us in Nigeria. We still have to thank God that some of those caged were rescued. If not, the situation could have been worse.

I believe there is problem with our security or conspiracy somehow. That’s the reason human beings could be caged that long without anybody knowing. But now that the whole thing is exposed, the culprits should also die by hanging or be electrocuted.



The Ibadan case is quite disheartening and unfortunate. It is sad that we have lost all sense of morality because of money, which is the root of all evil.

Law enforcement agents must live up to their expectations to reveal more hideouts of criminals and ritualists across the country. The judiciary should also be ready to quickly try the suspects, sentence them appropriately to deter others from following their evil footsteps.



What happened in Ibadan, Oyo State is a sign of the end time. I don’t think any man who fears God will kill a human being. Let the law take its course. No sinner should go unpunished. Suspects should also be compelled to expose their sponsors who may be highly placed individuals. Enough of this wickedness.



The horror village is quite distressing, why should such an act still exist in this century? It’s very sad, it shows how wicked people are. Our security operatives should be blamed for not doing their work. In Lagos state there is neighbourhood security, where the community is protected by vigilante groups. Such should have been adopted in Ibadan because security is paramount.

The evil-doers should be sentenced to life imprisonment.



It’s very disturbing. People are very wicked, using their fellow human beings for rituals. Too bad, and I think our security operatives should be blamed. The community too should be blamed for not alerting the police, before the motorcyclists did. It’s just too pathetic.

To me, if they are caught, they should be killed instantly, if they cannot reveal their accomplices. I am not interested in charging them to court or handing them over to the police, because if care is not taken, they’ll go scot free. These ritualists work for politicians and people in power.



This incident is very heart breaking. Why are people not patient, must they get money through the fast and wrong means even when everybody is not destined to be rich. When I saw the papers, I could not believe my eyes. What do you want the families of the victims to do at this moment? What happens to the rest of the family if the victims happen to be the bread winner of the family. It is sad.

No, because the only reason why an individual will think of such an evil act is when the person is idle which can be caused by unemployment.

It is very simple. Whoever kills a fellow human being should also be killed.



It is a very terrible case. This is the worst ritual practice I have ever heard. I don’t feel happy.

It is a two way thing. If there are job opportunities, such would not happen. If there is adequate security in the country, all these evil minded people will have no place to carry out their evil acts.

They should all be given death sentence.

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