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No tax clearance, no passport: Protest greets plot

The plan to make Nigerians applying for passport to show evidence that they perform their civic responsibility of paying tax, as explained by the Executive chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service, Mr. Babatunde Fowler yesterday  (Monday, November 28), has been greeted with protests.
The gentleman stated during an interview:

“We did take a position and I believe it would be implemented in the very near future that before you get any services from the immigration department: renewal of passports etc, you’d have to show that you are a tax payer.

“These things are normal all over the world and it would help us to serve Nigerians and Nigeria better.

“People believe that payment of tax is a burden and I’ll repeat that you only pay tax on income and profits.

“So, if you reside in Nigeria and you are benefiting from being a Nigerian resident, it is only fair that you contribute to the system that makes you enjoy that standard of living.’’

But responses from Nigerians have not been favourable.
Here are some of their thoughts…

  • 0987654321godsonSeriously, I think this ppl got no human feelings in them.. I stood for hours to vote for the elected government… And now am regretting it… God will judge you all..
  • mz_lahraCommon job to survive one didn’t get.
  • essenceIf and only if you are benefiting from being a Nigerian…
  • mz_lahra@emekaihuomathey are crazy 😃
  • seunfunmi_aThe issue is not paying taxes or not the issue is,would the remittances be used for the public interest 😐?or the so called immigration office workers won’t turn the process to nightmare for people by demanding all sort and recreate their own standard before providing the said service
  • fanucci1900This country is useless
  • preyetitoContribute to what stupid system that makes who enjoy what standard of living..
  • iretiokojieStupid government
  • mz_lahraI Don support wrong government ooo@neinay 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • iizzyypLmaooo until then, not only taxi.. hediots!!
  • jasonghosFirst of all get them a job
  • david__ruthRubbish Government. This govt is shit. Why am I Nigerian??? everything is so annoying. Things aren’t working out.people are dieing everyday bcos of bad govt and u are here saying rubbish. God will punish all of u
  • bankky58539Me no even go anywhere again as far as MMM pays! Shame on our leaders
  • house_of_finesseMore money for immigration officers….That’s all I can deduce
  • pellumyNa like dis e go dey dey? 🙆🏽
  • dash2210As if they are giving us the Passport for free. The =N=35k for the passport is what then?
  • pricelessityI quote ” If u reside in Nigeria and you are benefitting from being a Nigerian Resident ……” I am a Nigerian and I’m NOT benefitting oh! No light! Bad roads! Stupid Arik always cancel flight! Rubbery in traffic for braid day light 🙄🙄. Puff puff that use to be 5 Naira is now 10 naira !! Dollar is high! Banks will not give u PTA abi na BTA! Indomie self don dear 😡😡 so ITS RATHER UNFAIR for me to pay Tax 😒. When I start benefitting and I don’t need Visas to go to Most countries I will Pay 😬🙌🏽
  • jonesp291Buharia policy will only destroy this country more and more ,this is the change more to come
  • adeyemi_olurantiWhat are we benefiting from our so called government. …tax ko tokotaya ni
  • mofepopeWhich standard of living am I enjoying enjoying? What has the government contributed to my well being ? You people should not provoke me oh.
  • kspicy89Hehehe told yu guys 😂😂😂😂more n more to destroy in Nigeria mr president 😳in our own country again🙌😜wen we ain’t foreigners issorite continue❌❌❌❌
  • olasubomiiiThis country keeps giving me a headache every day. I’m so disappointed in this administration. Of all the things wrong with Nigeria, this is what they want to start with? Smh
  • laragiwaWht system wht standard of living egbami psychotic government@abisolafawole@tladojomo see ur people oh
  • arammy066They are crazy
  • olorogunshugyshugaAnother way to loot,
  • _an_n01Please what standards of living? Did d govt provide it? Jokers
  • koreeyiloImagine,adding salt to injury, with all this hardship to jand now Na waec again. Please before you ask Nigerians for tax, are you paying the world standard minimum wage?
  • mofepope@chakams.. Make this people nor provoke me abeg. This government has frustrated me too much. Blocked every where and opportunities, and yet won assist in anyway.
  • mubarak_imamEnjoy what standard of living? Rubbish
  • abbeymilliSick country 😏
  • mo__ojoBefore they start making plans they should make passport booklets available. Some of us have been in a pickel cos of passport booklet scarcity in various Nigerian Embassies.
  • dimplesexyU must be so sick to incure such ,youths out there are looking for jobs .most have stayed over 5years without a single job to boost of and u saying TAX😈😈😈😈infact ur father there.u govt officials should cover ur faces in shame .So u want us to suffer regardless the recession saga huh.if we paying tax,please what will u be using it for ,If not pocketing it and using for ur selfish interest .see i have a bright future of travelling abroad to look for greener pastures .most tyms i blame my parents for not being a white. I hate this country with passion .There are pressing issues to resolve and one holigan is saying “TAX”infact take 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
  • no_phuckz_given😂😂😂😂😂Chai!! Illiteracy is a bastard o! It’s obvious most of the people who commented on this post are illiterate and jobless! The man clearly stated that you pay tax only on INCOME AND PROFIT! Meaning: students are exempted. Jobless people(that aren’t earning ANY INCOME FROM ANY BUSINESS) are exempted. If you don’t fall into these two categories, why the hell are you shouting?!
  • kelly_idI think this should be reconsidered, following the high unemployment rate creep walking in our economy.
  • steven_klyneThis tunde fowler dude needs mental evaluation. Bloody animals in charge of the country.
  • hakym__So I need to pay tax to get my country’s identification card..👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • nnennyoThis is just stupid
  • ebuntemi_D one I have go expire 2019@ho_lar
  • adeThe country that cannot provide security for her citizens is talking about standard of living,orisirisi
  • lifeofsoso_These people are stupid sha
  • mustaphacupid_edochie.. If yhur not working nko? And someone else gives yhur the money to procure a passport… What then?… Anal Reasoning is what the lot of y’all indulge in…. Crazy ass leaders
  • kam4rHow do One Pay Tax When 50% Of The Youths in Naija are Jobless ??
  • babaWhat is the benefits of residing in Nigeria? Is it the no power supply issue, or the high cost of living? Not to mention a careless and selfish government that seek only her own n its political elite? Mhen! mak una park wel oh n leav man pikin alon oh.
  • kam4rNigeria My Country
  • idrixkingI haven’t got a job and my brother in England wants to help me out. How would I have been paying my taxes. Get real!
  • mz_bilqis_kingingWhere does this tax money go??? What is it used for???
  • _choco_timmyBomb dey una head 😩😩😩
  • brclassy_toh_blessedYes we agree people would pay tax on income n Profit! But d question is what are your plans on those tax U intend collecting from people, if not for your own greed! Every other developed country collecting Tax are accountable for doing so! It’s so Absurd waking up to DS kinda post! Nigerian government are d most useless government have ever known! On a Norms, I don’t comment on Here but this one Ehn, Am Raged with Anger Because people are suffering and all d government could come up with is thinking of Fraudulent!!! Mtchewww. U people should better wake up from slumber before U see d wrath of God!
  • kingjonesco84What is the benefit of owning a Nigerian passport in the first place, this tunde fowler that sleeps with girls younger than he’s daughters age, spending money on them buying cars, iPhones and trips abroad… With this recession and unemployment rising above normal. He’s implementing bullshit they had better have a rethink about this rubbish.. Abi him no get advisers??
  • emekaihuomaThe so called Nigerian passport is the most expensive passport in the African Continent. Useless people with their poor services. Sometimes they will tell u, no booklet or computer this or computer that. Okay fine…u pay the tax, what will they do with the money realised from tax payers. Obvious nothing good will come out of it. Mr man, pliz don’t even dare even in ur dreams and u mention that name Nigeria bcos there is no so such country existing in this planet. Let me tell u now Mr Man, if I had my way to see this name Nigeria as a person and I see it standing in my present. God knows I will pure fuel on it and light matches on it.
  • olaitanbrainchildPls where’s the benefit ?what standard of living?, what about those that are not enjoying anything in this country😩😩 so ???u all fucktard be passing stupid laws upndown ,give us the good change u promised Nooo na to dey pass mumu law
  • nwamaka_godwinJust another way to increase tax revenue, that would still end up in some private pockets
  • amymadonaHungry government.. still have till 2019
  • richgangporoThis yeye people that can’t confidently rule their family will just come out and be ruling a whole Nigeria.. This man must be stupid. What is the benefits of Nigerian citizens residing in Nigeria that I will now pay tax for.. Paying tax for non existence of electricity,bad roads,and more. My guy shut up there before Amadioha slap ur entire family..#Olofo
  • ob_onyegbuleWho tax help ? Idiots devising another means of robbery, GOD punish whoever thought of this which is definitely for personal gain. Morons
  • uberakeepitrealTax payment when you they have no jobs how?
  • i_love_coloursIdiots
  • olaitanbrainchildTo those that think it’ll only affect income/profit ,when u start buying tissue paper for 200naira ull know whatsup
  • herdhayolaeetii yaa were
  • queenmau1Radarada
  • olooricoutureMtchewwwwwwwww rubbish.
  • maxypluxWat are we benefitting sef.. Awon hoelofo
  • ifyremmy👎 these jokers need hot slap to reset their brain!!!
  • emeka_mcWhich standard of living are they talking about.. poor health care, poor educational structures, bad roads, poor security, poor maintenance policy, poor electricity supply, etc .. pls what is the standard of living in Nigeria..🚶🏿
  • mamarazooStandard of living kwa!!!!
  • kiibbzz@olaitanbrainchild@richgangporo@fishblingz007 pls help me ask them where the standard of living is with fuel and dollar price? Just need 5bombs for all these embezzlers in Nigeria, #5 and dey all go down
  • tokietee@_i_heart_kyng_akhmedyes o ..😉.. in your case let’s add selective touching .. and all will be well 😋😍😉.. grabbing a chunk of that junk .. see what I did there ?
  • mafidom_ruleBut who are these assholes on the affairs of things in Nigeria??? And seriously,the guy that spewed this drivel should be beaten to pulp!!! He should be reminded that Getting a passport is your constitutional right that has nothing to do with paying tax or not!!! U visit Nigerian high commissions in Atlanta,Sweden,Toronto etc to get Nigerian passport,they will waste your time, make your life miserable and even threaten u!!! Evil people everywhere!!!
  • fishblingz007Enjoy standard of living “.. So me Fowler think we enjoying standard of living 😭😭😭 Sometimes I just wish all these rich men called CEO, Ministers, governors can just live like an average Nigerian and see how life is currently treating us🙂🙂
  • _i_heart_kyng_akhmed@tokieteejunk?????? And the junk u grabbing will be?
  • wolaeIf u r a student. It gonna be easy. So don’t b scared 😂😁
  • othnielzThe more u pipu swear for them the more useless this our leaders become and dat ll lead to more stupid and useless ideas😂😂😂😂
  • demmyRubbish…what have u done with our resources and VAT..Thats how to fish out the leaders that hates us,they will always want to exploit Nigerians.
  • wizzieberryGod will punish that person that want to enforce that law with immediate effect,what am I benefiting from this stupid country?bad road everywhere, no security for human life, no good hospital,no job,nothing good is happening in this country and Nigeria is always going from bad to worse. Person write exam u pass u no go see school enter u come manage to go the school finish no ko tax ni.
  • sholakunmiblazeThis is total bull shit… something must be wrong with them upstairs!!
  • her_royal_poshnexxI’m not understanding, what about those people that doesn’t have any investment will it also affect them?
  • aderoyalsAnother way to generate money the f*cking politicians will loot 🙄
  • ama_hulkShut the fuck up and continue fucking the girls you are fucking. And be be paying the Taxes on their genitalia are you kidding me? Who is Nigeria serving? You buy Nepa Token no light to use and you have to be paying service charge cos the property manager keeps increasing Diesel. Are you kidding me the roads are bad you change your tyres every year and you can open your mouth and say Nigeria is serving is citizens. No Citizenship security. People Vandalising Nigerian citizens cars on the road no cameras to apprehend this culprit. If you buy pepper spray and your caught by the Police they’ll call you a thief and forget about self defence. Infact I think you just said that shit after some cocaine lines. Ebok. Nduk ye atata Nduk. Umam ikot.
  • amakaibensOK lemme kukuma leave Nigeria before the law will be enforced
  • edibles_cateringHahahahaha@othnielzyou are right. I pay my tax monthly ( including millions of Nigerians ) but things are not put in order still. A group of people at the top will gather the money and squander with their families. They are only sharp in bringing ideas that that will make poor people suffer.
  • senator_sholaSo please Mr Fowler please tell me what I am benefiting as a Nigerian? Last I remember is the only benefit I ever got from Nigeria was my NYSC ALLOWEE. No light to do decent business so I can pay tax so what the hell are these people talking!!!!
  • vickibarcelonaPpl Dat are not working nko, which tax..I will declare my profession as house wife na, coman collect tax kitchen.. Mtcheww
  • abiesco1Shameless awkward end time country 😏🙄😳😈 I never regret returning Nigeria passport, having a Norwegian P have given me much peace🙏🙏. Corrupt set of laws all the time 😏😏
  • papi212This man is a bloody fool . What is the benefit of being a Nigerian if I pay for everything am using including Passport which suppose to be free very soon you will ask me to pay tax on fucking my wife ….Fuck you Mr Fowler
  • king_aderichieWhat standard of living 😂😂😂 my people can like to make things harder for themselves 😰😰😰 And after collecting all the taxes what happens to the money ?? Oma Se o
  • williamsjkae“benefiting from being a Nigerian resident…” Wow
  • ronkeolubunmyNigeria is getting out of hands,useless country
  • lord_charles101Thunder fire una what nonsense is this very soon am gonna renew my international passport
  • empire_billionaireI am thinking the FIRS don mukun meko,where in the world can such happened?una no seriously Abi na serious itself no see una,haba😏😏😏😏
  • __fiyinn@vivianmuorah@oyefiadebola@dr.naughtyy e say na benefit. Who Nigerian govt Don epp. I understand paying tax but hope they know that there’s like millions of unemployed youths out there. Wouldn’t it have been better if there were jobs for people. They should gaan collect from armed robbers and kidnappers and babalawos na. After all those ones are self employed earning an income 😂😂
  • generalstrikerFirs are bastards they are just looking for money by all means, I beg who Nigeria Don help? We just suffering and smiling everyday and every night and it just all this people in power stealing all the money, Tunde Fowler sef na thief
  • freshes101Thunder go faya all of Una wey dey think from Una anus instead of brain😡
  • runzitgoodPls does someone who doesn’t have a job pay tax.
  • ugocrossAll dis top politicians or law makers or woteva r damn stupid. We don’t even have a data Base. All they want is to reap off poor pipo wit their bastard schemes . I tink is hi time d masses started bring these pipo n their family down
  • mo_veraSo who is not working or doing business can’t do international passport idiot people. Pay tax from which job when I don’t have any
  • amira_amira000Really mad I agree with all of you! They just saying if you poor stay poor in Nigeria no OUT that’s why Buhari collect ppl money his a real dictator😒 now legally sucking ppl blood 👹😈
  • igonirCan I bring my shoprite receipts when I apply? I’m always been charged for tax.
  • egoliciousmamaaUseless Country
  • motunbaby25….
  • sandynekyLips sealed
  • othnielzDs government no get joy oooohhh, I’m hearing from next month all networks go dey sell 500mb for 1k, 1.5gig for 3k. God why????? 😂

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