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‘Nothing can stop me from getting to the next level’ – STEINE

Babatunde Azeez Mallami, a.k.a Steine, is a recording artiste, performer, song writer and music producer. Since he started his career years back, the up and coming entertainer has not looked back. Steine who came out with his first hit track in Shake it like dat in 2009, has constantly proved that he is in the industry to make a mark.

After the collapse of his first group, X-Element in 2010, the talented singer didn’t give up. And this led to the formation of another group called SVC Gang in 2011. However, he is the only surviving member of the group as others later quit.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, March 8, 2015, the Ibadan, Oyo born music act expressed optimism that nothing can stop him from getting to the top in his career. He also opened up on few other issues.


What is your motivation for doing music?

What motivates me would be doing what I have always wanted to do which is singing. I have seen artistes whose names I won’t want to mention who started from the bottom and made it to the top. This is really encouraging and it motivates me because I always feel like if they can do it, then I can.



Even though I know it’s not going to be easy, with the help of God, my fans, my family and my friends, I know nothing is stopping me from getting there.

Tell us about some of the works you’ve done, songs you’ve released and artistes and producers you’ve worked with.

I’ve been recording since 2010 and obviously, I have recorded lots and lots of songs so far but these songs were not promoted due to capital issues. I started promoting my songs in 2013, after I dropped a song entitled Rotate. This really dragged people’s attention to my music and I’ve been getting more popular ever since. I haven’t really worked with other producers because I am a producer also and I produce most of my tracks myself. Although I’ve worked on a beat by Sarz, Fliptyce and DTunes. I have also worked with lots of artistes but won’t mention names.

What’s the biggest challenge facing your career?

The biggest challenge facing my career at the moment would be trying not to sound like anybody else but me. That has been very challenging because I try so hard to make sure I don’t sound like anybody. We know most upcoming acts always try to sound like either Wizkid, Olamide or Reminisce. The question is very simple, I don’t want to be a wannabe, I want to be me in my own way.

Do you think the government is doing enough to support musicians?

Personally, I don’t think government is doing enough to support us. Let’s look at it this way, we have 36 states in Nigeria. At least 24 states have to bring their works down to Lagos before any big thing can happen. I’d say the 24 states have virgin markets in their states including Ibadan which doesn’t boost sales and profits for we artistes at all.

I don’t see anything bad in the government trying to create more marketing strategies and funds. Lagos is a great place to make it but I think the government can do better to support us.

What are your songs about?

I’m very versatile, I do all sorts of music genre, I don’t have a type. Once I have the inspiration, I just sing it gbam! But still, I try to make my songs reasonable. My songs are mostly about money, girls, reality, comics and facts. I know as time goes on I would find other fields and do more great songs with them.

How do you get your inspiration?

This is not an easy question because I get my inspiration in different ways. Most times I just follow the trend, see what other are up to. I study and add them to my own and come up with something great. I also get my inspiration in the toilet! When having my bath or doing anything.

Also when my friends are around and we are just playing around I could be inspired. The thing is inspiration comes in many ways, any day and any time. The important thing is how to turn the inspiration to a hit.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Nobody knows the future but I know in five years, I want to see myself catching up with people I used to look up to and even better and greater. Even if it takes more than the years you asked for, I just want to do big things and still very relevant in five years.

What should we be expecting from you?

Expect more big things from me this year and years to come. Myself and the management, we are not sleeping. Trust me, we are working harder everyday just to make things be the way they are meant to be. Expect more collaborations with some A-list artistes this year and they would be followed up with great motion pictures you all won’t get tired of watching.

Also expect an album but I can’t tell you when because it might not even be soon.

Tell us a little of yourself?

My names are Babatunde Azeez Mallami. I’m popularly known as Steine. I was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria on March 15, 1994, and and I also grew up there. I developed interest in music at six and grew up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Nelly, Dbanj, Psquare and many more.

I was later exposed to real music in 2008, and recorded my first song in 2010. I am also a producer and I have worked with great number of artistes in the entertainment industry. I’m  currently signed onto Tinimash Entertainment and I’ll be releasing my latest projects soon.


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