Oba Akiolu sacks trusted aide, grandson for stealing his money

OBA Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu, the Olowo Eko Omo Erin J’ogun Ola and the Chairman, Council of Obas and Chiefs of Lagos State, is certainly not a happy man right now.
The cause of his unhappiness is not far-fetched.  His closest aide, Kunle Adebayo, a.k.a Mountain and his grandson are the source of his sadness.
The two, according to ENCOMIUM Weekly source close to the palace, have been allegedly stealing the king’s money from his room for a very long time.  According to the source, each time the king sent them to his room to pick something for him or clean the place, they would take one or two from the pile of foreign currencies beside the his bed.
The king was not aware of this for a very long time until a trap was set for the two of them.
The first to fall for the trap was Kunle Adebayo, who for many years, had been the king’s chef and closest aide. Oba Akinolu deliberately left $750 in the pocket of his sokoto and instructed Kunle Adebayo to go and pick the attire for his dry cleaner.  By the time Adebayo came downstairs and the king called him to check the trousers, the $750 was missing.
After much pressure from the king, Kunle Adebayo was said to have confessed to the theft of the $750.  He also confessed to have stolen more money before.
The king, ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered, handed Kunle Adebayo to the police.  He was said to have been in police custody for several weeks before he was released after much pressure from some prominent indigenes of Lagos, who Adebayo had sent to the king to plead on his behalf.
ENCOMIUM Weekly also learnt that although Adebayo has been released from police custody, the king has not let go his ‘impounded’ uncompleted building in Ajah, Lagos, which the king believed he built with the stolen money.
Also sent packing from the palace was the king’s grandson, one Master Ajasa.  Ajasa, who is in his teens, had been with the king since his coronation in 2003.  He was  barely seven years then.  He was beside the king during his coronation.  He is the son of the king’s favourite daughter, Aminat Ajasa.  But recently, he was discovered to have been living big and lavishing money on expensive items.
Investigations and later confession by the boy himself revealed that he too had been stealing from the king’s room each time he was sent there to pick one thing or the other.  According to our source, Kunle Adebayo’s behaviour was said to have affected the king most because he trusted him so much.  He was said to have been with the king for more than a decade.  He started as the king’s chef and graduated to his closest aide.  When the king was with anyone, no matter how highly-placed, he was the only one that could go in to see him or take instructions from him. He was said to have benefitted from his closeness to the king through gifts, mostly cash, received from many of the Oba Akinolu’s high profile friends.
When we called Mr. Ibrahim, the Personal Assistant to Oba Rilwan Akiolu on the story, he said, “I can’t confirm or deny anything because I am not given such authority to do so.  Bye, bye.”

–               TOLANI ABATTI

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