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DSC_0957‘We are very proud and privileged to have him as our king’


Oba Onagoruwa is 70 today, what can you say to him?

Our Kabiyesi, Oba Onagoruwa is a complete gentleman, Godly man and he has conscience. He has been doing his best since he became a king and we wish him happy birthday and God will continue to support him. We are very proud and privileged to have him as our king and very proud of him. He has demonstrated it as good leader and God fearing man.

Who are to Oba Onagoruwa?

My name is Ireti Asemota. I am from Odogbolu. My father was Alebiosu Odukoya and mother also is also from Odogbolu. She was Christiana Odukoya (nee Shittu). I am a full-fledged daughter of Odogbolu.

How come the name Asemota?

I am lucky to have married from Edo State. So, my husband is from Benin City. By marriage, I am also a Benin woman.

What is your experience about inter tribal marriage?

My marriage has given me a broad mind about so many things. It depends on what you want to make out of your marriage. Marrying from your tribe does not make a success of your marriage. Marriage depends on what you want for yourself. You must be tolerant and understanding. In fact, inter tribal marriage makes the union more solid and stronger, because, the two of you are from different background. You respect each other, honour each other, you respect the views of each other.

What advice do you have for women who are entrepreneurs like you?

In business, you need to pray to God to give you satisfaction and know when to stop. You don’t look for money all the day of your life. When you get to a certain age and you are blessed, you should be satisfied with what God has given you and stop hunting for money until you die.

You spoke about success. What is the secret of success?

Honesty. You have to be honest in everything you do, and once people know you are honest, they believe in you and they come to you.

How do you cope with the economic hardship?

Now, I am relaxing as the MD of Sunny Motors and Omorege Motors because I am satisfied. My children are the ones in control. Though, the economy is so bad, God is in control.


DSC_0065‘It is an opportunity to honour our Kabiyesi’


Today is Kabiyesi’s 70th birthday. Considering the structure you put up and named after your mother, Yeye Adebutu, what can you say about this?

It’s a very joyful day and we are particularly pleased by this opportunity to honour our Kabiyesi. Again, because he is an extremely deserving father. His reign has brought a lot of goodness to Odogbolu and we are happy to say thank God.

What can you say about the pavilion?

It’s a nice idea in honour of our Kabiyesi, and also in honour of Yeye Oba Caroline Adebutu and the daughter and family as well.

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