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Olajumoke Orisaguna’s shop under lock and key

The ‘hairdressing salon’ of Olajumoke Orisajuna, 27, the bread seller turned model, in her home town of Iree, Osun State has been under lock and key since she relocated to Lagos in search of greener pastures.

Olajumoke's shop

Olajumoke’s shop

A visit to the shop today (Monday, May 30, 2016) by in Iree revealed that the shop has not been opened since Olajumoke left her home town for Lagos. It has been under lock and key and will not be let out any time soon.

The small space that houses her place of business and hair dressing salon may remain locked till the model gives directive to let out the place.

A couple of months back, Olajumoke left her husband and first daughter in Iree to seek greener pastures and restock her shop for better patronage. Fortune, however, smiled on her when she photobombed TY Bello’s photo shoot of Nigerian-British rapper Tinie Tempah. Her status has not remained the same ever after as she now lives in a posh area in Lagos with her husband and daughter in lavishly furnished apartment. To the bargain, she has made over N2 million in endorsement and donations.

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