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Omawumi denies being a pastor – Features Flavour in Bottom Belle

Gifted female singer, Omawumi Magbele granted ENCOMIUM Weekly her first interview in 2012. In the chat held on Thursday, February 9, 2012, at the List Entertainment office, Surulere, Lagos, the mother of one daughter spoke on her new work, Bottom Belle, featuring Flavour Nabania and refuting the claim that she has turned a pastor, among other issues.


What inspired your new work, Bottom Belle?

First, Bottom Belle is a remake of my old song which is also called Bottom Belle.  The beginning (intro) to the song is what I sing for my daughter when she’s crying, so that she would stop or to make her sleep.  My mom used to sing it for her and she was actually the one that added the verse, Adebisi Konga Kokoma enstabai.

I need another highlife hit and I wanted to do a song with Flavour so much.  So, I picked something in the works I have done before and then added to it.  That’s how we got the song.

So, what’s the message because we’re aware that your song speaks about the ills of the society?

As regard to the message, it’s a feel good music.  It’s basically about a young woman who told a guy that loves her to be free handed a bit.  But when I was doing the song, I didn’t do it like that.  I thought of doing a song that will ginger people to release the money.

For instance, when you see a big man you start singing his praise to get his money.  That’s the angle I was coming from.

What informed the choice of Flavour?

Right now, Flavour is one of the biggest artists in Nigeria.  His strength in Africa is overwhelming.  Flavor is a talented artist, a professional that has been there for a long time.  He only became popular now.  He has been there for a long time making good music.  I consider it a privilege for Flavour to do a song with me.

What is the level of acceptability of the song?

It’s overwhelming. Everybody is talking about it on twitter.  We are starting with the radio release this week.  So far, I must tell you that the song is flying, especially online, and by the time we start the campaign on radio, it’s going to be big.

We learnt you’re rebranding?

(Cuts in) Who said so?

And that part of it is that you’ve turned a pastor?

(Laughs) That was funny because I also read it.  The truth is that if I can read such story in somebody’s blog or newspaper that I have become a pastor, the next time I see or read anything in such blogs/newspapers, I won’t believe it.  I won’t believe anything I read in the papers because that’s not actually what happened. There was no credibility in the story.

We were in my room when my mom brought some clothes for me.  She loves sewing native wears because I don’t have much of them, especially church clothes and whenever I have one, I will make it revealing.  So, that fateful day, she brought some clothes for me and when I wore them, they were too big and as usual there was nothing revealing about them.  She convinced me to wear it, which I did.  Waje was also there and she said I should carry a Bible.

After dressing up and holding the Bible, Waje started taking pictures and she later sent one of the pictures on Twitter, twitted that “It’s either you become born again or Omawumi will come and beat you.”  Very funny but what we saw next was that a blog carried it that I have turned a pastor.  The next thing we saw was about 15 to 20 blogs carried it and the next thing was that it was in the newspapers.

I will really love to be a pastor when God calls me but in a situation where I have not been called, when I am having fun in my house and I am taking photos, what happens?

But do you see yourself becoming a pastor soonest?

If God touches me, I will be a pastor.  It’s good for God to call you.  If it’s God’s will, with all my heart, I will.

We recently have cases of entertainers ordained as men of God, what’s your take on it?

I think it’s a wonderful thing.  I feel that as entertainers, God puts is in these places so that we can be credible.  Why do artists get endorsements?  Because they feel that these artists are big enough to say I like this product and everybody will like the product too.  If we can endorse products, why can’t artists endorse God?  Who is better to be men of God than people who have once been in the world and decided to turn to God.  To me, it’s a good idea.

What about a situation whereby they live wayward life before turning to God?

It’s not anybody’s business.  Nobody has the right to judge.  It’s only God who can judge.  Don’t judge him, allow God to decide his fate.

I remember you talked about acting career the last time we talked.

Yes. I have got a couple of scripts and I am still looking through till when it’s time to start.

When is your forthcoming album out?

The third single is about to come out and the album will take its good time.  But, I can’t tell you when.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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