Our favourite channels on DSTV- Subscribers

The cable TV business in Nigeria has blossomed so well that it is uncommon not to find one in a family. Almost every household now has it. Though, the cost differs according to the type of cable TV one has. There are DStv, Startimes, GOtv, Mytv, Hitv, to mention but few. The most popular of them all and the very first in Nigeria is DStv with over a decade of its existence in the country. Encomium Weekly sought the opinion of DStv subscribers on which are their favourite channels on Dstv.



STEVE JOSEPH – Channels, CNN, Sony Max. I enjoy the game I watch on Sony Max. I can’t miss CNN for anything. I prefer it for international news.

Africa Magic epic for Africa movies. Discovery World for documentary, Soundcity for music, MTV Africa for music as well.


OMOLARA OGUNLEYE – Aljazera for news, Natgeo World for documentary, Disney Junior for art attack. I also enjoy the fashion channel, Zee World and Africa Magic Epic.


NWAESULU ANNEI – I enjoy GWorld. I can’t miss Telemundo for anything. The series I enjoy on both telemundo and Zee World are second to none.

I also love food channel, I learn to cook different dishes. I love the Red Carpet on E Station. Africa Magic Yoruba, Super Sport, I am a football fan too.

Disney and Jee Jams for cartoon, my children will not allow me rest if they don’t watch carton.


AKINYEMI AKANJI – Super Sport is the first on the list for me. Then Channels for news. My wife loves Zee World, I wonder why women cannot do without love story. She is always glued to Zee World.


AJOKE ABIOLA – Channel 101 for entertainment of all kind, series as well. I also enjoy the crime and investigation channel. Then, Channel 103. I have watched hit movies n that channel.


AMANDA AKIHIMAN – I love Africa Magic Igbo for indigenous Igbo movies. I also watch Africa Magic urban; I enjoy food network, I learn how to make different cuisines there. Studio Universal is another favourite of mine. Then Vuzu, I like it for the youth content it has.


CHRIS OKAGBUE – I watch Super Sport for all football matches. Movie channels, Trace 325, MTV base for music and likewise HipTV for Nigeria music and entertainment news.

E entertainment shows reality shows and international entertainment. CNN and Aljazeera for news too.


ENIOLA OLAITAN – Zee World and Telemundo, of course. I don’t miss some series on the channel. I also love Televista for South Africa series. Then, Africa Magic Yoruba.


ADEMIDE OLAKUNBI – Super Sport 2 for all football. Nickelodeon for cartoon and Channel for news.


ADEKUNLE ALABI – I love watching martial arts on black belt tv channel 129. My wife has forced me to like Telemundo too, I enjoy most of their series.

Discovery ID on Channel 172 is also another channel that I have fallen in love with. I enjoy the forensic analysis and world of investigation.


SHOLA OLAWALE – TLC entertainment on channel 172. I watch reality shows on it. Super Sport, Sony Max and movie comedy on 104. Mnet 101 is also not bad for blockbuster movies and series.


JUMOKE AKINNOLA – Africa Magic is my favourite, both the urban and the Yoruba channel.

I also watch cartoon channel because of my children. Once a while I visit Zee World and Telemundo.


RONKE ISAAC – I love Studio Universal, food network, movie comedy on channel 104. They all keep me entertained and I watch food network to learn more about cooking.


ADUNOLA ONI – Super Sport, Aljazeera, Black Belt TV and channels, they are the movies that keep me entertained.


PAUL OKERE – Super Sport, Sony Max and Discovery ID on channel 171, they are my favourite of all times. I love sport to a fault and I cannot do without watching Super Sport.

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