Pa Kasumu admits his health is getting better

‘All I need now is prayer’

Ailing veteran thespian, Kayode Odumosu, otherwise known as Pa Kasumu, who has been down with protracted liver and heart-related ailment will soon begin to sing a new song. His health has improved noticeably. He can now see, walk and talk better than before. Not only that, he is optimistic that he will soon be back on his feet. But travelling abroad for a better and improved management of his health is still necessary.

The Odogbolu, Ogun born role interpreter had an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on this when we visited him at his Alayaki Street, Mushin, Lagos residence on Friday, January 17, 2014.

From the look of things, one can notice that your health has improved, can you tell us a little more about the development concerning your health situation?

It’s improving. I give glory to God Almighty. That’s all I have to say.

It’s obvious that you are more audible than last few months, has your vision also improved?

I thank God for everything He has done about my health. He that has been taking care of me till this stage will surely do the rest. I am sure I will give Him the glory at the end of everything.

What of the physiotherapy aspect of it, has that also improved?

Yes, you can see part of the gadgets I am using. I thank God, everything is working. I can now walk better than before.

One of the social media networks just reported that a man, who claimed you helped him with N100 years back when he was stranded at Fadeyi bus stop, Ikorodu Road, Lagos, has pledged to donate one of his kidneys to you as a way of paying you back for what you did for him that time. How true is the story?

Left to me, I am not aware of that. It might be true but I can’t remember if anything like that happened. I can’t even recognize the person if I meet him. But all the same, I must say a big thank you to him because if I really need the kidney, I believe that’s how he would have volunteered to donate it to me. I thank him and also give glory to God.

But you told us that you’re only battling liver and kidney related ailment, how come that the man now pledged to give you one of his kidneys?

Maybe he was misinformed. He doesn’t really know the details about my ailment. My kidney is not affected. But just like I said, he must be appreciated for his concern. I even wish to know him.

The last time we came here, you told us you wished to relocate from this noisy and congested environment, has that worked?

God is in control of every other thing I need. That’s all I know. I thank Him for all He had done concerning my problem.

Just like every other concerned Nigerian, all we want to know is whether God has given you a new abode and you’re planning to move out of this environment soon…

(Cuts in) Thank you. I know it’s every body’s concern to see me relocate from this place but all I have to say is glory be to God for everything He had done for me. Whatever remains now, I am sure He will also do it.

Now that you are getting better, is travelling abroad still necessary?

Yes, I will still go abroad for better management of my health. I believe God is in control, there is no problem concerning that.

Who are the people you will like to appreciate for the journey so far?

I appreciate all concerned Nigerians that have contributed in one way or the other to the improvement of my health. I also say a very big thank you to Ogun and Lagos state governments for their support while I can’t stop thanking my family for standing by me all the time. May God continue to be with all of them.




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