Papa Ajasco opens baby factory

Papa Ajasco & Company, Nigeria’s most watched TV comedy, has commenced a new season of amusing adventures, including a story in which Papa Ajasco, Pa James, Miss Pepeiye, Boy Alinco and Mama Ajasco establish and operate an illegal Baby Factory, with hilarious consequences.

According to the Managing Director of WAP, Wale Adenuga Jr., “This new season of Papa Ajasco & Company is packed with several entertaining stories. They really get themselves into some tight situations; but these experiences always leave them, as well as the viewers, with new important lessons and of course uncontrollable laughter. Kindly join our fan communities on, and for more information and fantastic prizes weekly.”

For almost 20 Years, Papa Ajasco & Company TV comedy has remained a favourite amongst viewers and advertisers alike, due its unique blend of edutainment; which seeks to entertain viewers while simultaneously passing across important social messages and moral lessons for every member of the family.

The multiple-award-winning Papa Ajasco & Company is watched by millions of viewers across Nigeria on AIT NETWORK (Tuesdays; 7:30PM) and WAPTV (Saturdays; 8:00PM); as well on




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