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Parents explain why they have fewer children

Generation past used to have as many children as possible ranging from five to 20, especially with a polygamous family. Nowadays, things have changed, probably due to education and more enlightenment campaign for family planning. A couple now gives birth to as few as two children.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of couples on why they have fewer children…



Why do you decide to have fewer numbers of children?

Economic reasons and also to give them quality education.

Aside the economic factor, why did you make that decision?

I just want the best for them. I will use the money I have to give something better to the ones I have.



Time has changed and having so many children is no longer the vogue. It is easier to raise fewer kids than to have a house full of them. One would be able to lavish the much one has on the fewer kids.



download21It was an agreement with my wife when we got married to have three children at the maximum. This is to enable us do our best to nurture and educate them without much stress.

The decision was made for us to retire early on child bearing so that we can continue with our lives. It’s a wonderful decision and it is paying back by God’s grace.



Economic factor is the first reason. Then, I would want to limit the number of children I would share my love with because once you are to share your love among many children, partiality would be inevitable.

With fewer children, one would have ability to gain over them at their tender age contrary to what our forefathers used to say that they have many children because they do not know the ones that would cater for them at their old age.  I believe if I take care of the few ones I have, they would succeed in life.

There is adage in Yoruba that says few quality is better than much quantity.



I want to be able to take good care of my children by giving them the best from what we have – best education, good health care and bringing them up morally. I want to raise children that are complete and can compete with children in the developed world.



Fewer numbers of children are better managed. The time we allocate to each child has to be sufficient because with the twists and turns all around us, one needs to give ample amount of attention to the children’s upbringing. Then of course, there is the economic issue that needs to be really considered before bringing children into the world.

Women these days also have less energy for many child-bearing compared to our grannies.



The economic factor is the first reason. Why bring children to the world when you cannot take care of them well. It is better to lavish the much you have on fewer heads.

There would be ample time to take care of them. Have them early and start to raise them. Also give them the best attention available.



Our fathers had more children because things were easy during their time. The economy was also buoyant. They had good jobs and they were living fine. My parents were teachers and could afford to cater for five children. We all went to school and had good clothes. Things are quite tough now. Even with two children, people still have a lot of complain to make.

Aside the economic factor, we should consider the health and strength of the woman. No woman has the strength to give birth to six children in this dispensation.



It is just the normal thing to do. It is different to see a family having four children now. It is less stress and less spending. You will be able to give them the best you can afford and also give them the needed attention.

The present economic challenge is also a factor. Medicare is very expensive now. I don’t know how a man will have more children with the nature of the country now.



The economic factor is a challenge. I don’t want to take my wife through that process more than twice. I witnessed the delivery of one of our children and I couldn’t have allowed that to happen to her again.



I think it is just no more the in-thing. All my friends have three children. There are lots of factors responsible for the decision – economic, health and societal inclusive.



It is the wise thing to do. With the state of the things now in Nigeria, one needs to be wise. More so, the fewer the better. There are a lot of things to put into consideration.

I wanted to have three children before, but the first one was through C-Section, likewise the second one. I just decided to stop. My prayer is that God would keep the two we have.


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