Piracy is killing our creativity in Nollywood’-Actress, Funke Etti

Nollywood actress, Funke Etti has stepped up her game. She just got herself a Lexus jeep. The mother of one child spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about it, her career and marriage life…

What has been happening to you?

Nothing much. I travel a lot now, I also present on AIT Daarsat. The programme is entitled, Ara kenge pelu Funke Etti. It is on Orisun as well.

It has been a while we saw your face in a movie, what is the problem?

I have a presenting work as well, so, I have to share my time and attention with every other thing I do. I also have my family to cater for but I am still very much in the movie industry.

Is your constant travelling career related or for leisure?

I travel atimes to relax. The industry has changed a lot. Piracy is killing us. After spending millions of naira to shoot a movie, at the end of the day, the money will not come back to your pocket. So, one needs to take things easy. It is really discouraging.

When last did you act in a movie?

I was on location about two weeks ago. I acted in a detective movie.

You premiered a movie in 2012. Since then, you have not shot another movie. Is it because movies are no longer selling?

Yes, I premiered a movie in 2010 entitled, Kikelomo Oluso. I shot another one in 2012 titled, Owu Iya. It even won an award outside the country. I was invited for it. I said the industry is changing, coupled with the fact that piracy is killing creativity. I am taking it one at a time. I will still shoot another movie. It takes a lot of things. Money is the major factor. Very soon, another movie will be out from Funke Etti.

You have been complaining about the industry, yet you travel abroad often. How have you been coping with all the expenses?

We are coping. I don’t do more than I can afford. I am an actress, I get paid from it. I am also into presenting. I believe in God, He will help us survive.

We heard you just bought a jeep?

I also heard it. It is God. We thank Him for His mercies. It is from my hard work. Glory to God, it is by His grace.

Despite the fact that the industry is no longer booming, you are still able to buy this wonder-on-wheels. How did you get the money?

I am saying the truth, piracy is killing Nollywood. It is just God that is showing me mercy. It is God’s grace.

What’s the cost of the jeep?

Don’t expect me to tell you that, please. I just thank God for the addition.

How is your son doing?

He is doing fine, I thank God.

You are yet to say the truth about the paternity of your son?

I cannot say more than that. People know that it was a man that impregnated me. I want peace to reign. I want to enjoy my home. He is based abroad. He is not into my line of career. We are fine and cool. I want him and my son to live a normal life. That is why I avoid talking about them.

But you have not done the wedding?

We have done our introduction. As far as I am concerned, I have settled down. I am not searching any more. I am okay with him. We are still together. I have gotten to my bus-stop. I love my husband and he loves me.


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