Police assure Lagosians of crime free yuletide

‘No hiding place for Boko Haram in Lagos’


LAGOS State Police Command has assured Lagosians of crime free yuletide, adding that the Command is battle ready to combat any breakdown of law and order in the state during the season.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, December 14, 2015, the Public Relations Officer for the Command, DSP Joe Offor expressed optimism that this year’s celebration will be hitch-free.  He, however, enjoined all Lagos residents to be security conscious and be ready to inform the Command of any suspicious movement in their respective areas.

“There won’t be any cause for alarm in Lagos State as for the security situation during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“We have embarked on visibility policing.  If you go out now, you will see our men all over the place.  Lagosians only need to cooperate with the police to ensure effective policing of the state.  And anytime they notice anything suspicious, they just have to inform us.  We’re ready to ensure safety of lives and property during the period and beyond.

“Also, the state government has banned any form of procession and carnival this time around.  And we’re ready to follow it to the letter.  Anybody who flouts the rule will face the music.  And we’re very serious about that.  We must all be watchful and conscious of not only our own security but that of others around us because it won’t be proper for us to be celebrating while others are mourning.”

On Boko Haram threat in Lagos, he equally stated, “We can’t rule out the fact that these people are in Lagos now since they’ve been displaced from their hideouts in Borno State.  But what’s important is that we must all be vigilant.  Any suspicious movement around us should be communicated to the police immediately.

“We have arrested few people and they have been sent to Abuja for proper and further investigations.  So, anyone arrested will also be sent to Abuja.

“We have also sent some security tips to the people of Lagos State concerning that.  And every organization, including churches or other places of worship have been advised to buy scanners to scan every vehicle before entering their premises.  We should all be united against terrorism.  If we can’t do that what else are we going to be united against?  There are big churches and mosques that can as well buy the scanners for others if such places of worship can’t afford it.

“So, fight against terrorism should concern every Nigerian, not only Lagosians. But I can assure Lagosians, they don’t need to panic.  There is no hiding place for any Boko Haram insurgent in Lagos.”


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