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Police warn on the risk of posting personal acquisition on social media (3)

Flaunting of personal belongings on social media is common practice in Nigeria where the craze gets more competitive daily. Some engage in it for show of class, while some see it as nothing but fun.

Most Nigerian entertainers are neck deep in this act by breaking the news of their new acquisitions via their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Some atimes pose with  such items, letting the public know their new status.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some celebrities on this and they all stated their reasons for engaging in the practice.

But according to a security expert and Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, DSP Joseph Offor (who spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, September 15, 2015), the practice is dangerous and unreasonable as it’s a security risk.

“It’s not advisable for anyone, whether you’re a celebrity or not, to post your personal acquisitions on social media. Such a thing is very risky. And those doing that will only end up putting the police on their toes.”


NIKKI LAOYE, gospel artiste

Being a creative and a funny person, I like to post information that educates or inspires in a funny way. At the same time, I also like to share important information about my music or my Angel 4 Life Foundation’s projects that would also be of good to my followers on my social media platforms.

I like to share posts to the public so that people out there can learn or pick one or two things from my morals, my values or my funny mischievous to make them laugh and have a good day. No I haven’t. I carefully screen the posts I put out there to avoid unnecessary situations or threats.


MC ICE, Comedian

I post things that I think can sell out my brand first or what I feel is so informative that others could readily learn from.

To keep you relevant and informed alongside others. Not any that comes to mind but these days, I’m scared in posting those information wherein lots of internet laws are not being activated even a sharer, I will do those I am double sure of and not because a friend sent it.



The fact that life is a learning process and people need to be informed, prompts the posts. I haven’t posted anything in the past that could become a security threat.




My mood informs what I post on the internet. I post what I do because it’s my social media account and I can do whatever I like with it.

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