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PRUNING OF MINISTRIES TO 25 Nigerians laud Buhari’s initiative (2)

In spite of criticisms from certain political quarters in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally reduced the usual 36 ministries to 25. This, he said, was necessitated by the poor economic status of the country.

However, a lot of Nigerians have been commending the initiative. Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke  to on this also agreed that the idea would cut cost of governance.


‘It’s a step in the right direction’

– Rotimi Ishola

It’s a step in the right direction. This is something we have been clamouring for, for ages. At least finally, we have somebody that’s ready to listen and be proactive at the helm of affairs. It will cut cost to an extent. I expect quite a lot from all the ministers, not because I trust them individually, but because I know they wouldn’t want to mess up under Buhari’s watch. He’ll make them work, I believe.


‘The implementation is what I find a little curious’

– Julia Ogoh

The idea is good, the implementation is what I find a little curious. There seems to be a disconnect between some of the ministries that were merged. I have an issue with what was given to Fashola. One, he has no experience in power and then his idea of housing in Lagos is for the elite. I hope he won’t propose the same thing at the national level. The best we can do at this point is pray for them and keep our fingers crossed.


‘I don’t like the idea’

– Bilikis Usman

I really don’t like the idea of reduction of ministries since the constitution say we are supposed to have a minister from each state. What about those states that do not have ministers? I don’t think it’s fair to them. On the other hand, I hope that the reason for the reduction is achieved or else it’s not worth it.


‘We all want the best for Nigeria’

– Faith Ibe

We all want the best for Nigeria. If reduction will be the best, then we will try it as it is supposed to help reduce excess spending.


‘President shows there’s no need for duplication of functions’

– Florence Johnson

I think it was imperative to reduce the number of bogus ministries we had. Sincerely, I wanted the ministries to be downsized to 18, but to 25, I guess the President obviously shows there’s no need for duplication of functions. Also ministries that have hitherto similar or complementary functions can stand as one. For instance, there’s no need for ministry of police affairs, when we have ministry of interior, which takes care of Nigeria’s internal security and so on.

What I expect from these ministries is to bring to bear the change Nigerians so desire. All of them should function to ensure that the president’s desire to make Nigeria work for all Nigerians is properly attained, rather than the former tradition of using the commonwealth to benefit the few greedy ones.


‘It is a welcome development because it saves cost’

– Jide Ajayi

It is a welcome development because it saves cost. Nigeria is broke already. There are some ministries that can easily merge like the president did. It is okay.

I expect the ministers to get to work straight away. Nigerians have waited for too long. Now that they have banned the importation of generators, Fashola should ensure we get stable power supply.

The President should work on the petroleum ministry. Nigerians didn’t expect all the queue we are seeing now. The minister of labour and employment should tackle unemployment fast. Giving N5,000 to the unemployed is not the solution. He should make soft loans available to entrepreneurs.


‘I believe Buhari knows better’

– Ubah Chibuno

I believe Buhari knows better, and I think he’s very sincere about the state of the economy. So, if he had decided to reduce the ministries to 25, and he’s able to cope with that figure effectively, the better for the country. But if in the contrary, the situation gets worse, Nigerians won’t take it easy with him.

My concerns are not really in the ministers without portfolios but ministers handling double or triple portfolios. How would they cope, especially former Lagos governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola? That’s why I am deeply concerned about that initiative.


‘They’re lot of duplications of ministries and parastatals’

– Isaac Oyewole

Pruning 36 ministries, to me, is good. The previous administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan was wasteful. There are lot of duplications of ministries and parastatals. And it’s unfair to our nascent democracy. And now, the country is broke. So, I think without deceiving ourselves, Buhari has taken giant stride by being the first democratically elected president to do that since 16 years of Nigeria’s interrupted democracy.

I give him kudos for that. However, I believe all the ministries are very important but attention should be on power, labour and employment, solid minerals, education and health.


‘I am indifferent about the president merging ministries’

– Oladimeji Abdulsalam

I am indifferent about the president merging ministries. I want to believe he is trying to cut down expenses as he has said Nigeria is broke and that’s his way of cutting down expenses. I expect them to put themselves in the shoes of the masses and work efficiently.


‘I think it is not a good idea’

– Olaitan Adewale

I think it is not a good idea. Merging ministries might mean that some people will lose their jobs if I am not mistaken. I expect them to do their best to make sure our economy is better by taking proper decisions.


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