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Psychologist Ian Wallace reveals meaning of 7 most common dreams

United Kingdom based psychologist, Ian Wallace has evaluated over 200,000 dreams for his clients.

In this write-up, he reveals the meaning of 7 most common dreams:

  1. BEING CHASED means the dreamer is encountering some frustration or challenge concerning a particular fulfillment in life.

When chased by an animal, it means there is an instinctive impulse that you are finding hard to contain in life.

If a man, woman or a gang is chasing you, then you have the opportunity to assert a particular talent but may be running away from some of the responsibilities involved in displaying your abilities. 

Although they seem scary, your pursuers are actually bringing your attention to unrealised powers and talents in your pursuit of fulfillment.


  1.  HOUSE ON FIRE shows there is a sign for a major creative transformation in your real life.

This dream enlightens your need to take some creative action to transform your current situation.


  1. DROWNING reveals a situation in your real life where you are deeply involved emotionally and possibly being overcome by your feelings.  The deeper you sink, the deeper your emotion and feelings are involved. If your head goes under the water, you are overwhelmed and when you can’t breathe, it means you cannot put your feelings into words.
  2. PARTNER CHEATING in a dream has nothing to do with your partner being unfaithful but is usually triggered when you lose faith in your sexiness and attraction to daily living.  This dream reflects you are losing touch with some of your important needs which makes you less attractive.
  3. TERRORIST ATTACKS means you are involved with some people who are making unnecessary and unreasonable demands on your time and resources in your real life.  Instead of being helpless, this dream signifies that you have to take courageous step into your true power and remain calm so as to make the right transformative choice.
  4. YOU ARE PREGNANT suggests you are working on a plan which is awaiting manifestation in practical reality.  With this dream, it shows you have to be patient and provide adequate resources for the victorious delivery of the project.
  5. MISSING OR APPEARING LATE FOR AN IMPORTANT EVENT implies that you are having the feeling that you want to lose the opportunity to experience some sort of fulfillment in your waking life.  This dream is telling you to devote your time to meaningful actions instead of engaging in busy and worthless activities.

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