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RAMSEY NOUAH explains why his marriage cannot crash, Says, ‘My wife deserves an award’


RAMSEY Tokunboh Nouah greatly adores and admires Emilia, the mother of his three children.  The movie star who featured in a recent Nollywood-Hollywood film, Tempting Fate, told ENCOMIUM Weekly, in this interview why his marriage cannot just crash.

Ramsey Nouah, 44, also shared his experience on the set of Tempting Fate, produced and directed by US-based film maker, Kevin Nkem Nwankwor (Kevstel Group Production).  He rates the movie already showing at the cinemas high, saying it’s the way to go in Nollywood.

Tempting Fate, has a cast of Hollywood and Nollywood stars, Dan Davies, Andrew Onochie, IK Ogbonna, Tiffany Denise Turner, Kimberly Kral, John Vogel, among others.


So, where have you been?

I am here where you left me (laughs).

What next after this movie project?

More good movies.

Are you really a bad guy?

You mean because of my character in the movie, right?  You know how it is, we impersonate people.  So, when I was in the movie, I was a bad guy.

This synergy between Hollywood and Nollywood, what are the potentials?

It’s a movie about love, betrayal, heartbreak, redemption and all that.  It’s a kind of reality movie.

How would you rate the film?

Everything was on point, from cinematography to directing.  It will take us to greater height.  We need to up our game to meet up to the standard.

Most of your colleagues have gone into production, when are you joining them?

I am going into production.  I don’t want to rush things.

Can you give us an idea of what to expect from you?

Of course, quality movies, something of international standard.

RAMSEY NOUAH and family

RAMSEY NOUAH and family

What would you say stardom has not done for you?

It has not kept a whole lot of people away from my private life.

What about the sweetest thing about being a star actor?

The love people show you.

You’ve been off the movie scene for a while.

They are all right about that because we’re doing more like cinema films these days.  And that is the future.  We are doing better movies that are not necessarily in the local movie market.  I was in 30 Days in Atlanta.

What does Tempting Fate mean to you?

It means a greater height.  Things can only get better.  Most of you criticize Nollywood movies.  I expect you would criticize this one, too.

What is the secret of your success?

Passion.  I love what I do. There’s nothing else I can do.

What advice do you have for young ones who want to follow your footsteps?

They must have passion.  Passion drives everything.  It doesn’t matter what your profession is, once it’s what you love doing, you would go places.

Your marriage has been scandal free and rock solid, what’s the secret?

I keep them away from you guys (laughs).

What do you cherish most about your wife?

My wife is not an ordinary human.  A whole lot of women can’t take what my wife tolerates.  That’s why I call her a double woman.  In fact, she’s a triple woman.  I give it to her, she deserves an award.  A lot of women say, ‘Oh, your wife is trying.’  And I tell them, that’s why she’s better than me.

What’s her name?

She’s Emilia.

How many kids, so far?


Are you going to make more babies?

No, e don do, abeg (laughs).  School fees dey expensive.



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