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Recession raises cost of a pot of soup to N10,000

Making soups for meal is an essential chore of a woman, but it is increasingly difficult to meet up with that responsibility as prices of items have skyrocketed in the market.
We sought the opinion ion of young women and housewives on how much they make a pot of soup for their families.

With the state of things in Nigeria now, making a pot of soup can’t be every week. We have been cutting our coat according to our cloth. I just ensure I make something nice and nutritious whenever I get my pay. I made a pot of soup worth almost N10,000 last week and the soup didn’t last four days. It was Ogbono soup with Okro.
A cup of Ogbono in my area is N500. I bought two cups but didn’t finish it at once. Okro was N400, assorted meat N2,000, I bought a live chicken worth N5,000, seasoning, pepper, palm oil, salt, onions.

I don’t make soup as much as before. It is just once a while because it is increasingly difficult to make soup daily. I made a pot Egusi soup a couple of days back. I spent about N9,000. Egusi, three cups N900, Ugu N200, assorted N3,000, red meat N4,000, other condiments.

I can’t specify the exact amount needed. It is relative. Once can spend as much as N12,000 while another family would spend N3,000 for the same soup. I can make a pot of soup worth N5,000 and it would last us three days.

To make Efo Riro that would last a family of four for four days, one would spend N8,000 or more. It depends on you and the condiments you want to use. I always mix my vegetable, worth N400, Ugu N200, prawn N2,500. You can get that at any big supermarket. Some are even more expensive than that, it depends on the size. Assorted meat N2,000, beef N4,000, ponmo N1,000. You can imagine the amount you would spend just to make Efo.

My husband loves Edikang Ikong but it is becoming too expensive to prepare. We rarely make the soup in my house because of the amount of money required. If I want to satisfy myself, I must have N15,000 because I would love to have different items in it.
Assorted meat N3,500, chicken N4,000, red meat N4,000, prawn N2,500, vegetable N400, other ingredients N500.

The amount I spend in preparing a pot of soup depends on what my husband can afford. It used to be what he wants to eat but it is about affordability now.
Broiler (chicken) N5,000, Iced fish N3,000, pepper N22, fresh tomatoes N600, tomato paste N200, ponmo N500, beans N700, ewedu N300. I would like to make bean soup and ewedu known as abula then I would make stew as well. I would spend about N10,000.

It all depends on the quality of soup I have to make. For an average family, one would spend almost N10,000. Although most households in Nigeria are just managing what they have, but when I have the money, I can spend up to that amount to make Ogbono soup. I would use beef N4,000, since it would last for four days, assorted N3,000, crayfish (ground) N200, palm oil, seasonings, Ogbono two cups, I may not use all, N1,000, Ugu N200.

Making banga soup would cost me N7,000. If I don’t want to manage any of the ingredients, if I have the money but if I want to manage with what the economy is saying, I can spend N3,000.
Beef N3,000, dry fish N500 depending on the type you want, chicken N2,000, crayfish (ground) N200, scent leave N100, palm fruits N300, iru N50.

To be honest with you, most Nigerians don’t spend that much on soup again, things are too expensive. Every Nigerian is just trying to cope and survive. I can make a pot of soup for as low as N2,000 but if I want to enjoy myself, I can spend N5,000.

Making Oha soup for a household for four days would cost N3,000. At times I don’t even spend up to that because the economy is not buoyant. We are just managing. I would need the following, beef N2,000, assorted meat N1,000, crayfish N100, stockfish N200, dry fish N200, cocoyam N400, palm oil and seasonings.

Efo Riro is my husband’s favourite, we would spend N3,000. I ensure I don’t keep the soup for too long so as not to lose its taste. I would buy vegetable N600, beef N1,000, ponmo N400, dry fish N400, crayfish N100, prawn N300. I would use the remaining change for condiments.




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