Rent skyrockets in Lagos…tenants groan

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In spite of the Tenancy Law 2011, rent in Lagos is skyrocketing and tenants are still paying more than one and two years in advance.

Many of them are groaning about the constant increment….


I live in Ojodu Berger, Lagos state. I live in a room and parlour self contain. I rented it for N130,000 per year. I have stayed there for more than three years now and the rent has not increased.



I live in Ojodu Berger. I got a two bedroom flat three years ago at N70,000. The landlord came for increment this year. Let me say, he increases the rent every three years.



I live in Lekki Phase 2. I actually acquired the place but still paying back bank certain amount of money yearly because, they assisted me in getting the apartment. There has been no increment since I don’t pay rent but the bank fee is fixed so it doesn’t go up or down.



I live in Ipaja, Lagos. I got the house six years ago. I paid N120,000 and I paid for two years. Two years after,the rent was increased to N200,000, but I pleaded with my landlord and they brought it down to N160,000. Another two years after, it was increased to N200,000 again, I pleaded and they dropped it to N180,000. Another two years has elapsed. I pray they don’t come again to increase it.



I live in Oko Oba, Agege, Lagos. I got the house three years ago. It was N200,000. Now, the landlady has said the rent has increased to N250,000.



I rented my apartment (2 bedroom) in 2010 for N200,000 per year. And I paid for two years. Since, the rent has been increased three times. Now, I am paying N300,000 per annum. It has not been easy at all. I think the state government should do something that will prevent landlords from undue increase in rent.



I live in a three bedroom in Ogba, Lagos, where I pay N500,000 per annum. I moved in about three years ago. My initial payment was N700,000 for two years excluding other levies. Now, it has been increased to N500,000. The rent has been increased twice since 2012.



Lives in a three-bedroom apartment at Oregun.

I pay N250,000 per annum. No, my landlord has not increased since about two years that I have been living here.



Lives in a two-room self-contained apartment at Haruna, Ogba.

My rent is N120,000 every year. No, they have not increased my rent for once. I have a good relationship with my caretaker and landlord. They are nice people, very considerate.



Lives with his wife and two sons in a two-bedroom apartment at Oke Ira.

Currently, I pay N220,000 every year. Yes, it has been increased once in the last three years.



Lives in a one-room and a parlour apartment at Oke Ira.

I have been living in Oke-Ira for some years now and I pay N72,000 yearly. We have been served a letter by the caretaker that as from January next year, we’ll be paying N7,000 per month, which will now be N84,000 in a year



I live in Mushin. I pay N100,000 for a room and parlour self contain, but when I moved in I was paying N70,000. Every two years they increase my rent with N20,000.



I live in Akute. I pay N150, 000 for a two bedroom flat with a small store. Not often, my landlord just increased my rent from N120,000 to N150,000 this year and I have been living in the house like four years now.



I live in Mushin. N4,500 for a room per month, but I pay every six months. They increase every year with N500 but I pleaded and at times I agree. I have been staying in the house for two years. Initially, I was paying N3,500.



I live in Agbado Crossing. I pay N70,000 per year for a room and parlour self-contained but we can pay install-mentally. I was paying N60,000 when I moved in two years ago.

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