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Revd. Best Chidiebere explains reason for Ikeja PFN dinner and award

Reverend Best Chidiebere is the Chairman of Ikeja Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the clergy explained why Ikeja province which is under his purview, covering two local government areas and three LCDAs is the home of most mega Pentecostal churches in Lagos.

He explained why he organized the maiden annual dinner award of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Ikeja Province.


Considering the number of people in the hall, how were you able to gather this huge crowd?

I’m very happy and I give glory to God. This event is my initiative and you can see the huge response. If we are to make it free this hall may not accommodate us. I am very happy people can still make out time to attend such event. Glory be to God.

This is an awards night, how did you select the awardees?

We considered their contributions to the organization before we gave them the befitting award. Let me say this, everybody works but the purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize members that worked excellently.

You as the chairman of PFN, what are the challenges and how were you be able to surmount them?

In my two years as the chairman of this organization, we have experienced many problems like human management, coupled with the fact that many or almost everybody in the organization is a man of God, so it requires wisdom to manage men of God. Part of it is this awards night.

Another challenge is for people to buy into our vision and ideas as a body of Christ.

Your tenure will soon be over as the chairman of this body, what is your vision?

It is an ongoing thing. As long as we are still alive and member of the body of Christ, we will continually give our contributions whether by counseling or advise. We are eternally committed to this body of Christ in whatever capacity for the furtherance of this body to the glory of God.

In the next edition, what should we be expecting?

In the next gathering, we shall continue to maintain the standard and with what God has put in my mind, this one is to show the level of commitment to the body. We shall go out to minister to people and all of that.

And from next year, we will be giving awards not only to members or strictly to pastors but to members of the public who are labouring and accomplishing exploits. Either they are adding value to the community and nobody is recognizing them, so on this platform, we are going to put in the idea for recognition and most likely God honouring the award, we will give cash award to encourage what they are doing for the sake of humanity.

Can we meet you?

By the grace of God, my name is Reverend Best Chidiebere. I am the province chairman of Ikeja Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). We set out today, out of our tight schedule to organize a get together to reward excellence.


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