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’Ruth Kadiri says N24 million Range Rover wasn’t from a man – ‘I’m just falling in love for the first time’

Nollywood starlet, producer and writer, Ruth Kadiri has admitted being in a relationship. Interestingly, the thespian revealed that her present relationship is her first love. In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, December 19, 2014, Ruth insisted that it wasn’t a boyfriend that bought her the Range Rover reportedly worth N24 million. She shed light on this and other mind-boggling issues…

Ruth-001How would you describe 2014?

2014 has been a very wonderful year for me. I have been blessed and I thank God for it. I was able to actualize most of the projects I penned down for this year.

Can you tell us some of these projects you actualized?

I started a clothing line with a friend of mine called K&R. We make nice urban wears. And so far, it has been nice. Also, I just finished my second movie, Somebody Lied, after the success of the first movie entitled, Matters Arising. I featured Michael Majid in Matters Arising and Alex Okubo in Somebody Lied, among other fantastic actors. I’m planning to shoot more films next year. Don’t forget that I have my own movie production, I’m hoping it becomes a brand name.

How was your experience producing Matters Arising for the first time; and it seems the movie didn’t get much buzz. Tell us why?

Matters Arising didn’t get enough buzz? No, I disagree. It was my first project and at the same time, it was successful. As for my experience, although challenging, it was fun. I love the people I worked with. Very lovely experience.

You featured alongside Mr. Ibu in catholic based movie, Sis Ibu and Sis Rosemary. How was it like being on set with Mr. Ibu?

It was good. That wasn’t the first time I would be on set with him. He’s a nice person. I have done like six films with him that are yet to be released. The concept of the film was unique. I didn’t really have problem playing that role of a sister Rosemary, a girl who doesn’t talk. That’s my job.

Does that describe your personality?

Yes. To some extent. I don’t really talk much.

You’re gifted as an actor and a writer. What will you say is your biggest asset?

First, I give it to God. But my biggest asset, I would say, is my brain. I really want to thank God for giving me the brilliant brain to write and act. I appreciate all these.

What are the lessons you have learnt about this industry?

I have learnt to be patient. I have learnt to realize that people’s destiny are different. I have also learnt to understand that not everybody will appreciate your style; not everybody will understand where you’re coming from. All you just need to do is to remain focused because the easiest thing that will happen to someone who is not focused is get distracted.

How do you relate with social media, especially when you’re under criticism from your followers?

I learnt from my seniors that if you want to go far in this industry, you must stay away from social media comments. First, I don’t read those comments. Like I said earlier, you’ll get distracted if you have to read people’s comments. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

ruth 3Why do you think women appear richer than men in Nollywood?

I don’t know. Are they? Maybe because we, women, have a way of unnecessarily showing off our assets.

But, not like buying a car…

Com’on, most guys have exotic cars, more than women. They don’t even have time for social media in the first place.

Just like you recently flaunted a Range Rover jeep with your boyfriend?

I didn’t flaunt it. I’m not that kind of person and if you go to my instagram page, you’ll never find it. It was just a presumption from a blogger, apparently turned out to be true that I bought a Range Rover, but the person is not even my boyfriend. That’s what I am saying about unconfirmed reports.

Who was the guy?

He’s just a friend. Somebody I have known for a long time.

Are you in a relationship?


Any marriage plan?

Hopefully. When we get there, I’ll tell you, by the grace of God.

Can you tell us about this man in your life?

Com’on, I’m not going to say it. It’s my private life.

Who is your ideal man?

Somebody who respect me.

What’s your Christmas wish?

To put smiles on the faces of young ones, especially kids. I love doing that. I have a project that will take care of that.

Since you love kids, like how many children do you plan to have?

Maybe two. Loving them doesn’t mean you should have them many. Don’t forget, you have to be able to take care of them.

There was report where you said you fell in love at 18…

(Cuts-in) I didn’t say that. That’s another lies about me. So many things I didn’t say.

What happened at 18?

Nothing happened. I heard about the interview, but I didn’t say I fell in love at 18 and all sorts.

So, when was the first time you fell in love?

If there was a time I fell in love, I would say it’s now. I was still young as at that time, not to talk of falling in love. Sincerely, I’m falling in love for the first time and it’s my present relationship.

How did he win your heart?

I think he’s very matured about it. He really respects me a lot, and I really appreciate it.

Do you see yourself tattooing your boyfriend’s name in any part of your body?

No. It didn’t favour all the people that did it, why should I do it? I can’t even date a man that puts tattoo on his body.

You mean, you can’t date a man with a tattoo?

My brother, I didn’t say that (smiles) before they come for me.


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