Sausage roll lovers shun Gala after the sudden price increase

Lovers of beef fillings have started opting for lesser expensive sausage rolls Gala, the popular beef filling, increased its price from N50 to N70.

A poll conducted by revealed that the current economic crunch has made lovers of sausage roll opt for lesser products.

Adeyemi Kunle stated that he dropped gala when he was told the price has increased by N20.

“I was so hungry and I needed something to quench my hunger. I grabbed one gala and dropped it as soon as I heard it was now more N50. I couldn’t afford to add more to the hundred naira I had on me for refreshment. ”

Mrs. Ajayi who sells drinks and sausage rolls in Ogba, Ikeja (Lagos) also spoke with us.

“I returned the products I bought when I was told that gala has increased in price.  People would reject it and go for a lesser filling.  I am now selling other brands. They are all still N50 “.

I still buy gala, I was told that there are two types, one for N50 and one for N70. The smaller one goes for less, while the bigger one goes for more. I still prefer the brand to others, says Joshua.

Also speaking with, Esther stated, ” I stopped buying gala because of the slight increment. I don’t blame the company anyway, things are quite expensive and the cost of production has increased.  I too try to cut cost and go for the cheaper ones. I am not aware that there is still gala that sells for N50. In my area, it sells for N70.



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